Hey guys! 

Happy Saturday. Today I realised some really exciting news… I’ve reached 900 followers. I genuinely can’t believe it. When I started my little blog I don’t really think I had any idea what I was doing really. I read a few books, visited a few places and thought I’d just write about it, almost like an online diary. Little did I know what I would learn and who I would stumble across. 

Today I had a day away, I popped to Newcastle to see the amazing Souter Lighthouse. Despite the spirals and the stairs, it was amazing. The views were lovely. I got lucky and saw a rainbow. 

I’ve never been in a lighthouse before but it really is awesome! I highly recommend it actually. On a sunny day you can see for miles. I enjoyed seeing the tide come in. There’s something about hearing the sea against the rocks; the continuous ebb and flow. I even took a smooth pebble home to remember my little trip. 

So, 900 followers and a trip to a lighthouse. Not bad for a quiet September Saturday. 

Big love to you all. Thanks for being a part of my journey. 




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39 responses to “900 Followers! 

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved!

    Lovely pictures!


  2. Congratulations on your milestone. It’s great to reach new heights. Keep on blogging!

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  3. Love that lighthouse and congrats.


  4. Congratulations! And those pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the second one!☺️


  5. Congrats on the followers and the lovely trip. 🙂


  6. Congrats on such a huge milestone!!!!


  7. Congratulations, Charley!😀😀 The trip sounds great and lighthouses have a very particular,almsot haunted aura. I’ve been up the one in Portland Bill, Dorset and had the most amazing time, views and stories from an older keeper.


  8. Congrats on 900!! So amazing 😁 xx


  9. Congratulations! 👏🏾


  10. Wow that’s great – 900 followers! You deserve a big group of interested readers because you post such fun stuff! I love lighthouses and have been in one and it was really cool.


  11. Your photos are lovely, Charlie, and so is your news of 900 followers! Well done!



  12. So beautiful!! Congratulations!!! ❤


  13. Massive congrats!! And it looks like it was a fun trip! 😀 xx


  14. Pleased to be a part of your journey Charley. Well done ☺️


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