All About Me

Well, hello there!

I’m Charley.

Reader. Blogger. Bibliophile. Explorer. Educator. Harry Potter Fan.

This is my little space on the internet to review the books I love, show the places that inspire me and to share my experiences with other people.

I’ve met some amazing people and blogs on here and I hope that continues! Leave me a message; make my day.

Big love x

*all photos on this blog are taken by myself unless otherwise stated.*



324 responses to “All About Me

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  2. Enjoyed your wonderful review on Silk…


  3. Pleased to meet you!
    Plz do visit my blog.Thanku in advance.💞


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  7. Hi, thanks for following my blog and giving me the chance to ‘find’ yours. I love reading and baking, so look forward to reading your posts. x


  8. I just wanted to tell you thank you for your support! it truly means alot!

    I will dig into your whole blog soon. I’ve just been trying to keep up with people. well you no how it is…

    peace and blessings to ya😉


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  11. Leaving your a message to make your day 🙂


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