About Me 📚❤️

Hello Lovelies! I’m Charley. 😊

Blog Birthday: 25th May 2015

I am a: Reader. Blogger. Bibliophile. Explorer. Educator. Head of English. Hot Chocolate Enthusiast. Griffindor Girl. Chow Dog Patronus. Obsessive Slipper Wearer.

Welcome to my small patch on the internet where I’ll be reviewing books and sharing the things I love with you beautiful people. I’ve come across some amazing blogs in my five years on here. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have found some of my favourite books. Long may that continue!

So leave me a message; make my day.

Big love xx

362 thoughts on “About Me 📚❤️

      1. Hi, I’m ok. No need to be sorry I know how it goes. Good to know you’re working on a post, I wanted to make sure you didn’t feel forgotten and say hi 😀


  1. Hi, Charley. I came to your blog via Book Club Mom. Why, you ask? I see you identify yourself with the moniker “book and bakes.”

    Do you like to read as you bake (or cook)? My blog post tomorrow talks about the reading-writing-cooking-baking connection. 🙂

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  2. That was really enlightening. I am now on my journey to reading a 100 books in one year, i think what holds me back is the school work and constant preparation for examinations.


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