Telephone Box Libraries / Book Exchange pt 3

Hello Loves!

I hope you’re all well. I’m back in the UK now with a special post all about one of my favourite things: telephone box book libraries! I think the one I’m sharing with you today is my favourite so far! This one is in Snitterfield, near Stratford upon Avon.

What makes this one so special, I hear you say. Well, there’s books everywhere! But they’re organised and there’s a really good range too. So far, so wonderful. However, the keepers of this phone box have also added two plastic tubs for people to share seeds. I love this! I found some dahlia seeds (one of my absolutely favourite flowers) and planted them with my dad. I think it’s genuinely so lovely of people to share extra seeds that they’ve got left over.

I left a few books for people to hopefully read and enjoy but I’m super excited to show you how beautiful these dahlias are. Fast forward a few weeks and ta-da! Aren’t they just gorgeous? So whoever was kind enough to leave the seeds there, thank you. The colours bring a smile to my day, seriously! I always find it amazing that a little seed can flourish into such beautiful flowers.

These flowers are so lovely and the weather is divine. It’s made coming back to the UK a bit more bearable. The littlest things really can make the most difference. I hope these flowers bring you a little joy too.

See you next time for my book choice for August – spoiler – it’s amazing!

Big Love all xxxx


14 thoughts on “Telephone Box Libraries / Book Exchange pt 3

  1. Love the telephone box library! In the US, we have little free libraries—like a kind of book box on a pole, and one recently popped up at a little park in my neighborhood. So happy to see children’s books flying out of thee..plan to add to the stash!


    1. Aw that’s really excellent! I’m so desperate to put one here but my parents won’t let me. It’s quite a busy road so I completely understand why. I find such joy in passing books on and then seeing that they’ve gone. I always wonder which person has picked it up and what they think of them! X

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      1. I love it that the children’s books are flying out of that little free library! I hope some child is either loving that book so much that they keep it, or passing it on to another young reader…


    1. I’m exactly the same! I really want to but they’re quite close by anyway and I wouldn’t want to annoy anyone. If there’s not one locally to you, go for it! I’ve seen them done with just a postbox actually. Oohh, I’m getting excited for you. Let me know if you decide to do this! X

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  2. Oh how wonderful! We have little libraries around here, but never a phone booth library. Your Telephone Box library has lots of room and looks so well-cared for. I think it’s great there are seed packets in there too! Your resulting flowers are pretty! Thanks for sharing these pictures 🙂


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