Read The Year With Penguin

Hello lovely people!!

As the end of December is fast approaching, I have turned my attention and thoughts to reading resolutions for next year. Whilst having a mooch about the sales online, I stumbled across Read The Year With Penguin Books. Naturally, I was curious. It looks awesome!

The aim of this reading challenge is to try something new, to experience new writers and genres. I try to branch out but I think this will really help me to continue the mission of finding more. I’m hoping you can all help me too!

The topics for each month are as follows:

January: Start the year with a book about new beginnings.

February: Get stuck into a story of obsessive love.

March: Read a book about a women you hadn’t previously heard of.

April: Grab a book that will help you explore your creativity.

May: Use a book to get closure to nature.

June: Pick up a book that delves into the experience of fatherhood.

July: Travel anywhere in (or out of) the world with a book.

August: Choose a book which tells a migration story.

September: Dive into a coming of age story you haven’t read before.

October: ‘Tis the season for spooky stories: take your pick.

November: Pick a book about the country you live in.

December: Finish the year with a book that embodies the festive spirit.

As you can see, this looks quite exciting. There’s areas here I haven’t considered before so I’m thinking I need to get planning what I’m going to read. Penguin do offer some suggestions here.

This is where I need you, my fellow lovely bloggers. Do you have suggestions for any of the months? Let me know. My plan is to review the book I’ve read each month for the challenge. I’ll try anyway! Maybe you could take part in this with me? That would be awesome too!

Big love xxx



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32 responses to “Read The Year With Penguin

  1. This sounds like a really fun reading challenge! I like how the prompts are specific but still open-ended enough that many books could fit those descriptions. Best of luck! 🙂

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  2. This sounds like so much fun Charley. I have a few ideas for January.
    Happily Ever After, by Nora Roberts
    The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
    Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks
    Big Little Lies, Liam Moriarty


  3. This looks like a great challenge for you Charlie.
    Have a good Christmas? ☺️


  4. Absolutely love the challenges!! Struggling to come up with anything good off the top of my head- but best of luck with this! X


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  6. Hannathegrace

    This is good! I just found out just now. Is it too late to do this?


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