Unwrap It! December 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th

Hey loves!

This post today comes from London as I’m here this weekend to get some Christmas shopping sorted. It’s been a bit manic at school (one week to go – I can totally do this!) so I’m a little behind with the unwrap it posts but there’s been some excellent books in the advent calendar that I can’t wait to share with you!

December 7th:

December 8th:

December 9th:

December 10th:

So far I’ve not managed to guess any of the books from the clues but that’s ok! I’m really enjoying seeing what’s wrapped up. I’ve taken so much pleasure from it and it’s something I want to do again, for sure.

Sorry there’s so many in this post – I’ve well and truly fallen behind but that’s ok! I hope you’re all enjoying the unwrapping with me. Do continue to let me know which ones you’ve read and enjoyed. It really does help me decide where I should go next on my reading adventures!

With so much festive love from London, until next time…

Big love xx

Unwrap It! December 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Hi Loves!

I am super excited about counting down to Christmas. I’ve always been really fortunate that Christmas is family time for us and we always make the most of it. My dad always gets me an advent calendar and it’s just lovely. However, this year I wanted to feed my reading habit for Christmas too. I did some research and found something that was perfect for the job!

From some of my other posts, you may remember that I’ve tried to put myself on a book ban so I can get down my reading pile. That has come to an end with my wonderful advent calendar. And thus, ‘Unwrap it! Count Down To Christmas: The Bookish Way’ was born.

The wonderful Athina at Lost and Bound Books created my amazing book advent calendar. I found her by pure chance but I’m so grateful. Due to the delays with the post I’ve only managed to get this today so I had three books to open this morning. I can’t wait to share them with you!

What I love about this is that the books are preloved which means they are being saved from the bin and the wrapping paper is all recyclable. I really want my Christmas this year to be more sustainable and this is also perfect for that. Also, each day comes with a little card with clues about the book. So much work and effort has gone into this – it really is incredible.

To be honest, the book advent calendars were out of stock but Athina very kindly made me one. I requested crime, thriller and modern fiction. I like to have a mix really!

So without further delay… Let’s get unwrapped!

December 1st:

December 2nd:

December 3rd:

As you can probably tell, I’m really excited about this. It’s definitely getting me into the festive spirit and I am really looking forward to seeing what hidden gems are beneath the beautiful Christmas paper. So far, so wonderful! Three titles I’ve not owned or read.

My aim is to post every day so you can unwrap it with me! Do let me know if you’ve read any of the titles too and share your thoughts on them.

I’ll see you tomorrow for the next Unwrap It post.

Big love xxx