Mrs Doubtfire The Musical

Hello Loves!

Half term is a joy! I’ve had a really busy but great week. I’ve spent most of it in London which has been wonderful, mooching about and feeling the pulse of the city. I was also lucky enough to get some really good seats to see Mrs Doubtfire too. I feel like I’ve been waiting really patiently because I just missed out when it was in Manchester for a really short run. As soon as it was announced that it was coming to London, I had to see it.

Making its home at the Shaftesbury Theatre, Mrs Doubtfire opened on May 12th and are taking ticket sales until January 2024. I’m so glad it’s getting a lengthy run – it really does deserve it. I’ve got to say, I think this is the best show I’ve seen this year so far. It’ll be really hard to beat!

The Plot

It’s hard to think of Mrs Doubtfire without thinking of the 90s classic film with Robin Williams. The plot for this show hasn’t changed. Out of work actor Daniel Hillard will do anything for his kids. However, the relationship with his wife has turned sour and following their middle child, Chris’s birthday, decide to divorce. Daniel is devastated and ends up losing custody of them.

He learns that Miranda wants to hire and Nanny to help with the children and some light housework. Daniel sees this as an opportunity to see his children more and thus, Euphegenia Doubtfire, the Scottish nanny, is born and all of their lives are changed forever.

The Cast

This cast really is something special. First and foremost, Gabriel Vick really is something else. It’s like he was born to be Mrs Doubtfire. I don’t have the words for just how talented he is. Naturally, he received a standing ovation for his performance.

Laura Tebbutt plays Miranda perfectly and her solos were really out of this world. I also thought she was perfect for this, just like Vick for Daniel, you could see they are the perfect onstage pairing.

I also loved Cameron Blakely and Marcus Collins as Frank Hillard and his husband Andre, respectively. The comedy these two provided really was brilliant as well as the importance of a gay couple trying to adopt. I thought that added touch was really inspired for the times we live in now.

I’m always really excited by the child performers. After all, they are the next generation. Carla Dixon-Hernandez plays Lydia perfectly. I’ve seen her in Matilda and her vocals just shine. The younger children, Chris and Natalie have a range of actors but for the show I saw their roles were played by Elliot Mugume and Scarlett Davies. Both of these are making their debut.

Finally, the ensemble were genius too. They had multiple costume changes and different genres to deal with and they really were an added bonus to the show. This cast is probably one of the strongest I’ve seen ever. A huge shout out goes to Lisa Mathieson too. Gosh, that girl can sing!

You can find out information on all the cast here.

Staging, Singing and Dancing

This show provides its audiences with another great soundtrack. Make Me A Woman was a standout for me and I also loved the cooking show too, Easy Peasy. I think the addition of the YouTube video was really clever and again, perfect for our current times. He Lied To Me from the flamenco dancer (Lisa Methieson) was fabulous as well but my favourite song has to be As Long As Their Is Love. Everyone left feeling that one for sure.

Staging wise, there’s quite a lot of changes so it’s a complicated set. You’ve got Daniel’s flat, the family home, the salon, the court, just to name a few. A lot of work has gone into this for sure. No photos of that sadly as the screen was down for the interval and ending.


I’ve seen a number of shows this year, Mrs Doubtfire being number 9 and this has to be my favourite so far. I loved the film growing up and despite the sadness within the story, it teaches us all the importance of family, whatever that looks like. I really want to see this again and just fall in love with it all over again. I’ve mentioned some hints throughout but I’ve loved the modern additions: the iPads, the YouTube tutorials meaning that you can love the original and love this just as much. Vick makes Mrs Doubtfire his own; he was born to do this part.

I’ve also seen The Great British Bake off and Six too so I’ll be sharing those soon! Enjoy the rest of the week loves!

Big Love xx

Londonist Mapped – AA Publishing

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a really super weekend. The weather here is gorgeous! It’s definitely giving me summer vibes. I’ve been doing a little indoor gardening and making the most of the weather despite being a little poorly. Hmm.

Anyway, I’m super excited to share with you a really quirky book I found when I was in London last weekend! It’s been created by Londonist which is a website showing you all the different things that are on in London and featured events they’re promoting; an online tourist information, if you will. Working with a number of illustrators, the book Londonist Mapped includes a number of hand drawn maps for the ‘Urban Explorer’. This book is an absolute treat!

What’s it all about?

What fascinates me most about this book is the wide range of topics it spans. I also love the origins of the book.

“It’s Monday morning in the Londonist office. Someone sips their first coffee of the week. Then they frown. Scratch their head. Open their mouth. Look around the room. Close their mouth. Pause, as if concerned they might be about to say something stupid. They then say it anyway…”

The collection of maps all stem from curious minds. It ranges from, Secrets of Buckingham Palace, to A brief guide to London’s docks’ and London’s longest roads just to name a few. Spanning the history, length and depth of London, this book is the perfect addition to any book collection.

For me, it’s the 37 illustrators that have taken part in this project as well. I always have a massive respect for anyone who can draw because I am rubbish at it. The appreciation from myself is real. I’ve included my three favourites below.

My first choice is lost London Victorian buildings. I’ve got a huge interest in the Victorian period, specialising in this when I was at university. Without them, we wouldn’t have the London Underground. I always think of those pioneers whenever I’m mooching around London.

Following on from my summery vibes, I picked a map showing hidden gardens in the city. I’m so tempted to try and find these when I’m next there over the Whitsun holiday. I also really love the illustrations and the font of this map too.

My final choice is the most impressive map I think. I’d have this across a whole wall in my house I think. It’s just that good. I’m in awe of it actually. This map features all the unsung museums of London. I hadn’t quite appreciated how many there are! Just look how beautiful that is!

Final Thoughts

I think for me this book is perfect for finding out about hidden gems within London, the secrets that are there just waiting to be found. I absolutely love it! The illustrators are truly talented and I’m really impressed with the variety of different styles. Each map is unique and you can tell so much work has gone into it. It’s one of my most treasured finds in London.

Until next time!

Big Love xxxx

Pretty Woman – The Musical

Hello Lovelies!

How are you all? I’ve started my Easter break with a quick trip to London to see Pretty Woman the Musical at the gorgeous Savoy Theatre. I saw it last year and loved it. I knew I had to see it again before it heads off on tour around the country. There was another pull: Danny Mac. I’m a huge fan and always have been since Hollyoaks so the fact that his run as businessman Edward Lewis was ending at the start of April, I had to see him one last time! To be perfectly honest, this cast is one my of all time favourites.

The Plot

A chance encounter between Vivian Ward, a prostitute, and Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman begins the story of a most unlikely couple. After picking Vivian up for directions on Sunset Boulevard, Edward proposes a business deal where Vivian will accompany him for a week. The two become closer as the week progresses and both learn that they cannot possibly live without each other.

The Cast

I said before that this is one of my favourite castings. The absolute powerhouse that is Aimie Atkinson plays Vivian, Danny Mac (now Oliver Tompsett) plays Edward Lewis. Courtney Bowman (what a talented woman!) plays Kit de Luca beautifully. Matt Bateman is also a stand out star. I’ve seen him play Happy Man and Mr Thompson. I have so much love and respect for this cast. A special shout out needs to go to Alex Charles for his character, Giulio. Absolutely first class! You can see the full listing here.

Staging, Singing and Dancing

The show features some absolutely brilliant songs. The obvious to mention is the Roy Orbison classic song, Pretty Woman. However, there are some excellent songs. I love the soundtrack so it’s hard to pick a couple. Aimee Atkinson is a supreme talent and her solo songs really shine. My favourite is I Can’t Go Back. I love Edward’s solo Freedom too. There’s some great numbers featuring a number of the cast. Long Way Home, Together Forever and Never Give Up on a Dream are some highlights.

The staging is really clever too, seamlessly moving between Sunset Boulevard, the Penthouse Suite and various business settings. The lights and set up were really attractive.


I cannot gush about this enough. I love it. It’s uplifting, the cast are excellent, it made me laugh and smile and I was totally onboard for the singalong to Pretty Woman at the end. What an amazing show. I’m more than likely to go and see this when it’s on tour. However, if you’d like to see this phenomenon cast at home in London, please click here.

What a super start to the holiday! Here’s to more reading and watching! I can’t wait to catch up with you all.

Big Love xx

Dirty Dancing On Stage

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. The weather has been really odd – glorious sunshine and then dark clouds and showers. It feels more like April! Anyway, half term feels like a blink ago now but I’ve been meaning to write my review of my trip to see Dirty Dancing in London’s Dominion Theatre. I’m making a real conscious effort to see as many shows as I can. There’s some absolute classics on this year. I just don’t want to miss out! I hope you enjoy!

The Plot

The plot of the show follows the plot of the film. It’s the summer of 1963 and Baby Houseman and her family head off for the holidays to Catskills Mountains in New York. The entertainment is dated but as chance would have it, Baby stumbles across an all night party. The dancing is the most sublime thing of all and at the heart of it is Johnny Castle, the resort’s dance instructor. Their worlds collide and so begins one of the greatest love stories of all time. Baby becomes one of the leading ladies in Johnny’s life and the two very different characters have the best summer of their lives.

There were some differences from the film, noticeably the political aspects. As we know, America in the 60s was a very difficult time. It was refreshing to see this portrayed on stage.

The Cast

The cast is really something else! Michael O’Reilly is the perfect Johnny. The crowd did go wild when the shirt came off! He’s a glorious dancer too so it really was hard to keep my eyes off him. Kira Malou was also an excellent Baby, starting off as the naïve, young girl who becomes a woman. However, my favourite cast member is Charlotte Gooch, playing Penny. My goodness this girl can dance. She’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I was also thrilled to see Georgia Castle, playing Lisa, as I absolutely loved her in Cinderella! The ensemble really were just as good as those taking centre stage. It’s a truly excellent cast.

Staging, Singing and Dancing

It was a Thursday night so I imagine the crowd is different on a Friday or Saturday. However, didn’t stop the fun filled evening I had. I was lucky enough to be on the front row (but you didn’t see the actors feet) and the dancing was just amazing. It was glorious to have an uninterrupted view. The singing came from a live band on stage which was good but I also appreciated the songs from the film version being played too. We can’t not talk about the final dance and THAT lift… Wow. I’ve never seen anything like it. I was transported to America in the 60s. It was impossible not to smile and enjoy the show.

“I carried a watermelon.”


I love the film, I grew up watching it with my mum so I am proud to say I know it word for word. I loved hearing the songs and seeing the dancing for real in the flesh. For me personally, the first half was a tad rushed but the second half definitely made up for it. I’m so glad I’ve seen it! I’m also super excited because it’s touring this year too. To get yourself some tickets, click here.

See you next time! It’ll be for my book choice for February for my reading challenge and of course, my round up for this month too.

Big Love xx

Unwrap It! December 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th

Hey loves!

This post today comes from London as I’m here this weekend to get some Christmas shopping sorted. It’s been a bit manic at school (one week to go – I can totally do this!) so I’m a little behind with the unwrap it posts but there’s been some excellent books in the advent calendar that I can’t wait to share with you!

December 7th:

December 8th:

December 9th:

December 10th:

So far I’ve not managed to guess any of the books from the clues but that’s ok! I’m really enjoying seeing what’s wrapped up. I’ve taken so much pleasure from it and it’s something I want to do again, for sure.

Sorry there’s so many in this post – I’ve well and truly fallen behind but that’s ok! I hope you’re all enjoying the unwrapping with me. Do continue to let me know which ones you’ve read and enjoyed. It really does help me decide where I should go next on my reading adventures!

With so much festive love from London, until next time…

Big love xx

Windsor Castle

Hello Loves!

Well, what a week this week has been. I’ve been absolutely floored by flu I assume (7 negative Covid tests – no fear) but I can honestly say I’ve never been so poorly. It’s the first time ever that I’ve had time off school too. But, I’m coming round the other side now which is good. If you hear someone sounding like a seal, that would be me coughing haha! Anyway, onto more pressing matters and a very delayed explorations post!

Anyway, I want to share with you today the final part of my journey for honouring the late Queen. You’ll remember from a few posts ago that I was part of ‘The Queue’ (you can see that post here). There was just one final part I needed to do and that was pay my respects at St George’s Chapel which is within Windsor Castle. This is the Queen’s final resting place where she has been reunited in the royal vault with her beloved husband Prince Philip. My dad and I queued together and it was time for us to say bye together. My mum was also here for this too!

Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. Originally founded by William the Conqueror, it’s been home to 40 monarchs which is incredibly impressive. The State Apartments are sublime, the contents are wonderful and I really liked seeing the different gifts received throughout the reign of Her Majesty the Queen. Photos are only allowed of the outside which I totally understand. You have to see it to believe it really. The one thing that has stayed with me from these state rooms is the colours: bold, vivid and flawless.

Naturally, there was a huge queue to be able to get this photo. It’s the closest you can get but we’ve all seen this on the television screens. It made me think back to the funeral of Prince Philip. The view of the Long Walk was one of my favourite bits but because this was inside the castle, you weren’t able to take photos.

It’s really quite hard to comprehend how lucky we are to have this amount of history around us. I’m fortunate in that my dad is just as interested as I am – it’s something that has been passed down through our family. It felt fitting and right to see the final resting place and to thank the Queen once again for all she has done.

I hope this little snippet has tempted you into visiting. The amazing thing is, your ticket can be validated for a whole year! And I can confirm, the gift shops are excellent. For more information on visiting, please click here.

Until next time!

Big love all xxx

The Queue: London

Morning all!

I hope you’re all well. This week I’ve been really reflective because of the events in the UK. The sad passing of our dear Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th knocked us from our core. For me personally, she’s the only Queen I’ve ever known. She’s always been there everywhere we look: on passports, stamps, money and postboxes. She’s come to feel like everyone’s grandmother. So one week ago, I joined the queue to see the Queen lying in state. I knew it was going to be an experience but I didn’t expect it to be like it was…

Midnight, Saturday 17th September, Southwark Park. After obsessively watching the live tracker all day, this was where the starting point was. There was a buzz and a sense of electricity in the air with everyone having their own reasons for this journey. All I know is, I felt an overwhelming sense of needing to be there, like it was the right thing to do. The queue constantly moves which isn’t so bad and at 2:41am we had obtained the elusive wristband. The view was equally as fitting!

In my foolishness, I hadn’t realised that the park was the queue to join The Queue so the journey hadn’t actually really begun. Regardless, considering I’d done a full day at work I was feeling positive and very much like the hashtag ‘let’sdothis’. I knew it was going to be hard so I made sure I spoke to every single marshal on route. I mean, those in the queue were constantly moving but they had to stand in the same spot, all night. They were very positive and smiley too which helped.

I love Tower Bridge but I saw this bridge for 4 hours of the wait time. It was freezing cold but thankfully blankets were being given out. Later I saw a news report saying they were from the fire brigade – so thank you for that! Regardless, this was the lowest point. When the cold gets into your bones and you question why you hate yourself so much to have done this. The queue quietened and increasingly looked crestfallen and beaten. I dread to think how I looked. I’d been up since 6am so approaching the 24 hour mark was something I’ve not done in a long time. But then, 6:30am, a miracle was performed: the sun was rising and a coffee cup was spotted. I’ve never experienced a mood shift so rapidly. People went off to find hot drinks, the queue was moving again. Onwards! 6:15am.

This is my favourite photos of the whole queue experience. The best thing was that we were moving again. Feeling buoyant, the hubbub of the queue was increasing now everyone was warm and filled with coffee (hot chocolate for me) and the can do attitude from the marshals meant that everyone felt better. Of course we can queue and keep going – it’s the British way after all! The next stop: The Globe. I cannot thank the staff enough here. They’d opened the toilet facilities for those of us in the queue. I nearly cried (exhausted, emotional, grateful tears) because they had soap and hot water. I can only imagine what we all looked like, but it gave the queue another boost.

We continued walking and queuing. I saw this now as a mission I needed to complete. I hadn’t lost the overwhelming pull towards the Queen but foolishly did wonder how on Earth I’d look when I got there. 11:24am (many hours later) we see the London Eye. Everyone outside of the queue is supportive of the queue. Strangers asking how you are, saying you can do this, helped. Kindness was at the core of the queue. 11:59am – Big Ben. Surely the end is in sight? I’d been in the queue for 12 hours at this point but the sun, the people and the pull was still keeping me going.

The Covid memorial wall generated another moment of hush. It was at this point that I too went quiet. I don’t think any of us realised quite what trauma Covid created for the world. The memorial means a lot to many people so I was thinking of them too. But then the queue stopped. If the cold of 4am was the worst part, the stopping of the queue came a close second. At this point, the world’s press were all standing there making me grumpy. How dare they look fresh and well slept. Irrational, but true. However, the stopping this time was for a very exciting reason. King Charles and Prince William had come to thank those who had queued overnight. It was incredible to be that close to royalty. You could see the pain and grief in their eyes. It was emotional to see them. But it gave the queue another boost to make it over Lambeth Bridge and to the other side where in Westminster Hall, the queen was waiting for us.

Still we progress. Over the bridge, through miles and miles of zig zag railings, excitement building because we are at the last part before Westminster Hall. We can see Westminster Hall, see the security tents. This. Is. It. And then silence. It’s very hard to describe the feeling inside Westminster Hall. It was like nothing else mattered. There she was, the coffin of the only queen many of us have ever known. The crown twinkled under the lights. The flowers stood proud. I had my moment next to her. I bowed my head, my thoughts between myself and her. I’ve never felt emotion like it. Silent tears, immense gratitude. I was proud that I did it. I stood for 15 and a half hours for this moment. I’d not slept for well over 30 hours. None of this mattered though. This woman gave her life to our service, it was the least I could do.

11 miles. 15.5 hours. One experience I will never forget. Thank you to the many many people from the queue, local businesses, police, marshals, strangers passing by and the staff guarding the queen. You’ve made the experience easier for those people in the queue. Once I’d left the hall, the lady at the gate said thank you. That’s still with me now and will be forever.

Lockdown Secrets – Eleanor Tattersfield

Hello Lovelies!

After ending 2021 on a high with regard to reading, I found myself feeling so much pressure for this year which has meant that my reading has slowed right down. However, after work yesterday I went to collect a book as a present. My New Year’s Resolution was to not buy any books… but I failed all because of this amazing book I read and wanted to share with you straight away. It’s something I knew absolutely nothing about, the cover just caught my eye. We all know how it is with a beautiful or eye catching cover! They usually end up in our possession eventually. Anyway, I really hope this book gets to you as much as it does me. Enjoy!

What’s it all about?
This book quite simply is genius. If you know London, you may know Marby & Elm in Exmouth or have seen their super cute website here. However, back in February 2021, Eleanor Tattersfield came up with a clever idea following inspiration from a radio show for people to document their own lockdown confessions. After finding some postcards and seeing it as a sign, the project was born. Using the power of Instagram, followers could send their own confessions on postcards to the shop to be shared anonymously to unburden themselves. Literally anything and everything was shared and Tattersfield knew that these had to be seen. Using social media, these are still being shared today as well as within this book.

“As the secrets poured in, prominent themes emerged: food fetishes, masturbation, loneliness, breaking the rules, sex, love and surprisingly, the love of lockdown.”

I think the reason why I adore this book so much is because it is brutally honest. Part of me really wishes I documented my life better (or more) during lockdown. I look back and know that I baked a lot and sent a few thousand emails but I could have done so much more. This book is that. I also love the fact with it being anonymous, people will be absolutely honest and open. It really takes some nerve to share some of these confessions I must admit! The one below made me laugh so much because I had my own animal friends in lockdown. To be honest, they’re still around now! The only difference is mine are squirrels…

“Their wit, sincerity, creativity and diversity are completely and utterly compelling.”

As I was reading this, I just had an overwhelming feeling of pride really. That may sound silly but for people to share their lives with the world, to share their inner most fears and worries really is something. The postcards about family naturally made me think of my own and appreciate how much I did miss them in lockdown. This then led me to think about those people without family and people who were completely isolated from everyone. This one below really hit me…

Final Thoughts
Overall, this book is pure joy. I read it in one sitting and found myself wanting to be a part of this too. I also really appreciated the fact that there is a template in the back of the book to send my own. Maybe, one day, I will consider doing it! If you’re interested in sending your own, you can find out more information here. The next time I visit London, I absolutely will be dropping by this store. I couldn’t not!

“A unique record of the lockdown: sometimes amusing, often surprising, and occasionally heart-breaking.”

It’s relatable, believable and utterly memorable. What an incredible little book!

Until next time everyone!!

Big love xxx

London’s Calling!

Hello Everyone!

Oh, my am I excited to be writing this post. I’ve looked back on my blog history and I’ve not written and explorations post for two years. That’s thanks to the obvious but today I want to share with you some snaps of my recent trip to London.

This trip was definitely a once in a lifetime experience because I was booked into the Shagri-La, the Shard hotel. Mesmerising and iconic, it’s the capital’s highest building with unmatched views of London’s skyline enveloped with 5* excellence.

There are so many things about this hotel that it’s quite overwhelming with where to begin. The staff are excellent, the food sublime. What made it for me was the room which was furnished with everything you could ever ask for: marble bathroom, rain falling shower, heated toilet seat. The bed was quite literally like sleeping on a cloud. (I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve Googled extensively about trying to buy their pillows…) It’s the view though that is quite literally breathtaking. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I didn’t want to stop looking at it.

London Bridge by Day
London Bridge by Night

Oh, the Shangri-La, you have my heart.

I really will never forget that experience. If any of you are around London, take a trip to the Ting restaurant. I highly recommend the breakfast and the dinner menu. (A little shoutout here for Alex and Nathanial who waited on me for the weekend!)

Lastly, this weekend reminded me of what Covid has taken away from us. The chance to go off exploring and see new places. Having the ability to be able to do that again (at the moment anyway) meant that this trip was all the more special to me. And yes, that is a free standing bath overlooking the Tower of London.

Wherever you are in the world, just know that lockdown or not, we’re never really apart because of this platform. I hope this little post has taken you off on a trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Continue to stay safe and well, especially as it’s now wrap up season!

Big love all xxx

Cinderella – Andrew Lloyd Webber

Hello Loves!

Happy summer! I’ve finally made it to my summer holiday where I can rest, relax, read and catch up with my wonderful blogging friends. I hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer vibes. We’ve been having some beautiful weather but a splash of rain yesterday has been really welcoming.

Today I want to share with you a theatre review. When I say today, I mean, this morning as it’s 4:30 am in the UK. Regardless, I’ve not had the opportunity to do one of these for ages so I’m really really excited to be writing this one today! You may have seen in my previous post that I was lucky enough to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical, Cinderella, on the second night of previews. We booked it last year for my birthday but it was one of many things to be postponed. Like everyone, we were feverishly absorbing any pre-released songs, desperate to see when restrictions would change so we could be back in the theatres once again. I really hope you love this review as much as I’ve loved seeing it and sharing it with you.

The Plot

We all know and love the tale of Cinderella. Without spoiling anything for you, this Cinderella is very different. Webber takes the conventional Cinderella and literally turns it on it’s head. Everyone in Belleview is exactly the same: tall, blonde, beautiful, in love with Prince Charming. Cinderella is alternative, different and loud mouthed. Her best friend, Prince Sebastian, has to step up and marry when his brother, Prince Charming, disappears. What happens next is a fairytale but a tale with a difference.

The Cast

The cast for this production have been widely shared. Cinderella is played by Carrie Hope Fletcher and Prince Sebastian is played by Ivano Turco. There’s also Rebecca Trehern and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as the Queen and the Step Mother respectively. I also have a huge soft spot for the step sisters too. The cast are simply wonderful. Carrie Hope Fletcher is a perfect Cinderella and Ivano Turco is a dashing prince. They also have such chemistry between them – they really do come across like best friends. In fact, the whole cast seem like a genuine group of friends which really helps. It was a privilege to see them all on stage together.


When I was a very little girl, I went to see Cats at the Gillian Lynne Theatre. Home to The School and Rock and now Cinderella, I remember how magical I thought it all was. I still do. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but there is a surprise with the stage which means you’re all the most closer to the action. It takes place at the ball as well, meaning the beautiful dresses are closer than ever!

Singing and Dancing

It’s a musical, so singing is an integral part of the show. There are a huge number of songs, all as catchy as the next. You can guy the album now (I’ve had it on repeat ever since it was released…) Bad Cinderella is arguably the song we all heard first as it was released as the show was announced. However, I really love Unfair by the sisters and also Beauty Has A Price. Carrie Hope Fletcher has three solos within the show, my favourite being I Know I Have A Heart. We absolutely have to give credit for Only You, Lonely You which is Ivano Turco’s solo song. It’s tender and moving and sung beautifully. It’s honestly an incredible album. I urge you all to buy this at least! More information can be found here!


I can’t tell you how much I loved this show. Being back in a theatre was an absolute joy. Being surrounded by likeminded people too really meant that the atmosphere was electric. I have so much awe and admiration for Andrew Lloyd Webber for making this show in lockdown. It’s got everything – singing, dancing, laughter, emotion, a fairytale, modern twists, excitement, love. It’s a show I’d go back and see in a heartbeat. I obviously made full use of the merchandise shop and left with t shirts, hoodies, face masks and key rings. I’ve missed the arts so much.

On the opening night of previews there was a standing ovation. On the second night where I attended, there was a standing ovation. And it was so deserved. Theatres are alive again! It’s such a joy to see, hear and feel it’s heart beating. This show is the perfect antidote to Covid 19, lockdowns and restrictions. It’s brilliant in every way.

Continue to enjoy the summer weather lovelies. Big Love to you all!!