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Summer at the Seaside

Hi everyone!! 

Hope you’re having a great week so far. I just wanted to explain my slight absence, I’ve been on holiday to Paignton in Devon. I have a number of fond memories, as a child, being on holiday at various British beaches. We have a huge amount to offer; there’s always somewhere new to explore. If you remember last year, I was holidaying in Ilracombe. You can recap that here & here. This year it was time to explore a different part of Devon. 

The weather was lovely and warm, the sun was nearly always shining and I also managed to read a number of books! I was feeling a bit down about reading but this helped me to get my groove back. I’ve got a little tan too. Relief! 

I wish you all a happy, healthy and enjoyable summer. We deserve it after all! 

Big love xxx



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Holiday Finale 

Morning everyone! 

I’ve had an action packed yet relaxing week on holiday down in Ilfracombe, Devon. I’ve done activities and had experiences that I never thought I would. I feel really lucky. I managed to read three books as well that I will be reviewing at some stage. Also, the weather was on our side too and sunshine is always a lovely added bonus. 

St Nicholas Chapel 


A short climb up a hill and you reach the top where this stunning little chapel is. It still works as a lighthouse today and is regarded as one of the oldest in the country. The chapel dates back to 1321. Inside was really rather beautiful. It’s quite small, but the highlight for me were the old black and white photographs. I do like to see these pictures and look at what they are wearing and to work out what they were thinking through their facial expression. It really was a spectacular place to visit. 

Damien Hirst’s Verity

Verity lives at the end of the harbour and is currently on loan to Ilfracombe for the next 20 years. She has the reputation of being like marmite. She’s a 66ft bronze clad sculpture, showing a pregnant Verity, with her insides showing in some parts, holding a sword, standing on legal books represents truth and justice. 

The Tunnels Beaches


A little Victorian beach which I absolutely loved. There were separate beaches for men and women during the Victorian times, as mixed bathing was not introduced or allowed until 1905. They have some of the best rock pools here with a variety of different fish within. I’ve seen a lot of crabs and jellyfish this holiday! It’s remarkable how much this beach changes when the tide comes in! I know first hand, as I got soaked and my poor iPhone took a dip as well. 


The Ilfracombe Princess 

This was a massive highlight for me. I went on an 90 minute boat trip around the costal path with the hope of seeing seals. We got lucky that day and saw three!! Two sunbathing and one playing in the water. The photos aren’t very good but you can just make them out. They are so beautiful. Also, the scenery was just stunning. 

Walkers Chocolate Emporium 
This little piece of heaven holds huge amounts of gorgeous chocolate, a mini museum of chocolate and a section where you can see the chocolate being made. The best bit for me was the 6′ chocolate man. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to buy him! 

Capstone Hill – Katie statue

A climb up a much larger hill brought you to the top where there were the most amazing views. I actually climbed it twice because the first time was very cloudy. The second time, however, you could see right out to Wales from the sea and a panoramic view of the town. It was just breathtaking. The climb and wind was definitely worth it. This little statue is called Katie, to commemorate a young girl who fell to her death. In my opinion she has the best view. I don’t think this picture below gives it justice as to how high the hill was!   

The Harbour 


The harbour was lovely, with its variety of shops and restraunts, and sandy beach with different boats dotted along. I must say I loved seeing it at night as the sun was setting.  
This is just a snapshot. But, there are some beautiful places in this county, and I believe Ilfracombe is one of them. I can’t wait to go back. Hope everyone else is having a lovely summer, wherever you are! I’m looking forward to seeing your blogs about it! 

Big love x

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Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…

Morning all! 

As you know I’m on a little holiday at the moment. I started at Weston-Super-Mare and now I’m in Ilfracombe, Devon. Goodness me it is breathtaking. I really am at a loss for words. Eveyrtime I walk along the coast, I see something different that catches my eye. 

Thankfully the weather decided to clear up yesterday, with the skies clearing to a gorgeous blue. There is hope of me getting a tan yet! So, before my day on the beach with a number of books, I wanted to share with you the view from my holiday apartment. 

It’s really quite therapeutic hearing the waves crash against the rocks, seeing the different boats, each on their own adventures. I’m feeling very lucky to have this on my doorstep – for a little while at least. 

Have a fabulous day everyone!

BL xx 


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It’s holiday time! So, I won’t be posting about book and bakes for a week, (sorry!) but I will be sharing some lovely seaside snaps and photos of different places I’m visiting! 

I’ve also decided that work takes over my life. I’ve already been planning lessons and writing schemes of work for next year. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to make the most of my time and visit lots of new places and be a bit more adventurous. Here’s hoping! 

The first place I have visited it Weston-Super-Mare. Super by name, super by nature. I have and always will love Weston-Super-Mare. There’s something about popping to the seaside, having £1 on the arcades, hearing the waves crash against the rocks and walking along the beach. I always feel at my calmest and my best when I’m by the sea. It’s another childhood love of mine and I have fond memories in Weston. 

The Grand Pier at night.  The Grand Pier in the day.One of the gorgeous views. The otherside with the big wheel. It was a huge success. At the arcades we managed to win: two Minion mugs, 3 Minion rubbers, 2 drumstick lollies and a Pier donkey souvenir. Not bad for a couple of hours entertainment. What a super day. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! If you’re on holiday as well share some snaps! I love seeing them 🙂 

BL x

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