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The Encouraging Thunder Award

Good evening everyone! 

Hope you’re all well! I’ve been nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award by the lovely Laura at Lala’s Book Reviews. Thank you so much for thinking of me! 
I love these kinds of posts because you get to see how and why people got into blogging. Here’s my story! 

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Post the Encouraging Thunder logo. It’s here.

Mention your purpose in blogging.

Nominate others for the award.

What is your purpose for blogging?

On May 25th 2015 my little blog was born. How did I get here? By a book of course. I found 60 Postcards by Rachael Chadwick in my local bookshop. For some reason it stood out to me. It may have something to do with my love for postcards and Paris. Nevertheless, I bought it and read it in a couple of hours. It moved me so much. I don’t want to ruin the plot, but I urge you all to read it. What I loved most, is how a blog in that novel brought people from around the world together. I feel the same with my own blog. I’ve met some amazing people from  all over the world. I feel so lucky to be a tiny part of this community. I’m learning something new through this every day. 

So, I knew why I wanted to blog, but wasn’t too sure what to blog about. I’m only really good at one thing: reading. I decided I would write about books I love and hopefully inspire people to reading them too. I was also baking a lot at this time. The school I was working in was about to close down, I had some amazing students and to cope with closure and exams I would make cakes every week for my class. It really helped both them and me. I decided I could easily blog about this too. Hence the name: booksandbakes1. 

I was really getting into this blogging malarkey, so I decided to blog about other things too, in particular, places I’ve visited and photos I’ve taken. I love how my blog has become almost like a memory book, but an online version. 

I couldn’t imagine my life without my little piece of the internet. I find it really therapeutic to blog about books I like and tags that I’m interesting in. But, I need to thank you all for your support. The blogging community has been so friendly and warm towards me. Thank you. It means a lot!

What’s your story? I nominate:

Erika @ Bookventureland

Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts

Parneet @ The Enchanted Book

Analee @ Book Snacks

Liam @ Liam’s Library

Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser

Nicola @ Literary Ramblings

Simon @ Sfarnell

Nicola @ Book Bunny

Calliope The Book Goddess

Please feel free to ignore of you’ve already done or if you’re too busy. But, if you could take part that would be excellent. I really enjoy learning about other blogs. 

Big love x



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One Lovely Blog Award


Morning everyone!

Hope you’re all well and happy. I’m slowly but surely catching up on book tags and nominations. Thanks for your patience everyone. Today’s award comes from Travelling In My Bookcase. Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award! I urge you all to check out this brilliant blog.

The Rules:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Here are my seven facts about me:

1. As Autumn is fast approaching, I’ve recently been quite excited about the leaves changing on the trees by my house. Living by a rather beautiful park means that I can see the daily change in the leaves. They are so beautiful. The change from green to orange and red, all at different times,  covering the whole tree as well is just lovely.

2. My blog celebrated its 4 month bloggerversary yesterday. How exciting! I’ve had a such a great time working on it and writing my posts. I still just write for me, and if others like it then that’s an added bonus. I’ve also met some amazing bloggers as well. What a community.

3. I’ve not baked anything for months and I really miss it. I need to make more time for it, but I still feel like the ‘newbie’ who is ‘finding their feet’ at my new job. It’s only been 3 weeks though. I’m sure I’ll be baking again soon enough.

4. Every winter I watch my box set of Friends. I’ve done that for as long as I can remember. What amazes me about Friends is, it’s been a long time since it was last aired, and it still manages to evoke a range of reactions and emotions from me. It’s a sign of a true classic.

5. I’d love to set up my own charity. It comes from my ‘mother hen’ instinct to look after everyone and make sure everyone is ok. I’m not sure it will ever happen, but it’s something that I would love to try and do.

6. I like sparkly things. Anything that sparkles is quite possibly in my house. I firmly believe we all need a little sparkle in our lives.

7. I like to surprise people. I like the look on their faces. It’s my Mum’s birthday next week and I can’t wait to see her reaction to her presents. We have an incredibly close relationship. Despite being miles apart she can tell when something is wrong and what I’m thinking. I think little surprises are wonderful things. It’s always lovely to surprise yourself as well.

I hope my fun facts didn’t bore anyone (too much at least!)

My nominations are: 

Meg @ Little Blog Of Books

CK & Ck’s Reading Corner

Ashley @ Dreaming Through Literature

Matt @ Matt and his Cats

Marje @ Kyrosmagica

Carolyn @ A Hundred Thousand Stories

Jessica @ Mud and Stars

Lynette @ Memoir Notes

Morgan @ The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student

Claire @ Coffeeholic Bookworm

Amy @ The Literature Life

Lara @ Katnisspotterbooklover

Deanna @ A Novel Glimse

Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm Blog

The Candid Cover

Please feel free to ignore if you’ve done this before or if you’re busy or if it just plainly doesn’t float your boat. I don’t mind! But, I wanted to nominate some of my new followers and people I’ve not nominated before. Hope that’s ok!

Big love xx


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The Reading Habits Tag & 500 Likes

Firstly, I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I received this notification: 


I can’t believe it! Thanks for all the support guys. I really appreciate it and I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve it, but it means a lot. Now onto the latest tag! 


I was tagged by the wonderful Calliope The Book Goddess to complete this tag. It’s a good one so thank you very much!!

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I usually read in bed. More often than not I read before I go to sleep. I find it really relaxing. Sometimes if I wake up really early I’ll read then as well. I also read on my sofa. It’s a bit of a posh one, a cream leather recliner. So, I associating reading with comfort. 

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I have hundreds of bookmarks from all kinds of people and places. I try and collect them if I’ve been somewhere or if I see one that I thinks really pretty. Sometimes I use postcards as well, but these can be too big for my books. 

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at the end of a chapter/a certain amount of pages? 

I’m a bit funny about this actually… Don’t judge! I have to finish the chapter otherwise I get confused or forget what’s happened. I can’t just leave it, I can’t physically do it. I’m not too fussed about a certain amount of pages, but I do like to see how many I’ve got left and how much progress I’ve made as well. 

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Oh dear. I’m quite clumsy, so I try to keep this to a bare minimum. Sometimes you do get peckish though so that’s always a slight problem. I make sure the book is away from any food or drink. But, I read in coffee shops all the time and there’s food and drink near me. Hmmmm. I think I need to think about this more! I realise I sound crazy. 

Multitasking: music or TV whilst reading?

Nope, not really. I am good at blocking out sound though, so I could do it if I wanted to. But, I’d rather enjoy the book/music/TV individually rather than blurring them all together. 

One book at a time or several at once?

I can only concentrate on one book at a time. If not, I get the plot, characters and themes all mixed up and I don’t remember which goes with what story. Nightmare! 

Read at home or everywhere?

Anywhere and everywhere. I read at home, at work (perks of the English teacher job!) in cars, coffee shops, trains, parks etc. you get the gist! 

Read aloud or silently in your head?

I prefer to read in my head because I can read quicker that way. I’m actually not a fan of reading aloud because I tend to miss words out. I hated it at school. I read aloud at work as well (another perk of the job!?) but I much prefer it in my head. 

Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Nope to both. Short and sweet answer for this one! 

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I’m funny about this as well. I try really hard to keep my spines as new. I understand that creases and marks show how well read and loved a book is, but for me I like to keep things as smart as possible. Books are there to be celebrated and loved, and for me keeping them as new is my way of showing my love and appreciation. However, the majority of my books are from second hand shops so they have all kinds of marks on them. I always wonder where they came from and what types of people owned them before. 

Do you write in books?

I used to write in my books when I was doing my A levels because it was easier, but never ever since then. Since then, I always write my notes on any extra bits of paper or a notebook. Then I put my notes in folders. Super organised! 

What are your reading habits? I tag:

Liam @ Liam’s Library

Erika @ Bookventureland

Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser

Miss Quickly

Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog

Claire @ Art and Soul

Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard

Lara @ Katnisspotterbooklover

If you’re too busy, or you’ve done this before don’t worry! Im really rubbish at keeping up with who has done what! Thanks again for this tag. 


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The Bedtime Book Tag

Morning all! 

I was tagged by the lovely Shannon @ Books That Love You Back to complete this tag! Being as I do most of my reading in bed normally, it made perfect sense to take part in this tag. Thank you Shannon! I urge you all to check out her blog too!

Again, I’ve tried to think of different answers. I wouldn’t want to bore you all now by blabbering on about the same books!! Sometimes I can’t resist a bit of Harry Potter though! 

So, the tag:

A book that kept you up all night: 


Oh this book was so good! I decided to branch out into the thriller genre and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve not seen the film yet, but I couldn’t recommend the book more. It kept me up because I just couldn’t put it down. I wanted to find out what was going to happen. All I’ll say is, I didn’t expect the ending! 

A book that made you too scared to sleep:

I started my love affair with Oscar when I was at university. I adore him, his work is genius and he never ceases to make me laugh. The Picture of Dorian Gray is his only novel, and it was used against him in his trial which sent him to prison. The picture changing in the novel gave me some serious nightmares. It’s that well written! 

A book that made you go to sleep:


Oh dear. This book sent me to sleep a number of times. I’m not complaining, I enjoy my good nights sleep. This book was sooooo big and soooo detailed. I know it’s about a girl called Pamela, but I can’t tell you much else. 

A book that kept you tossing and turning all night in anticipation of its release:

I loved the first one, I got angry when people blew Rowling’s cover and I couldn’t wait for the second book, which also didn’t disappoint. I’m experiencing the same sorts of feelings in the wait for the third installment. I’m quite excited that Rowling has said there’s more instalments here for Galbraith than Harry Potter. I’ll need a new bookcase. 

A book that has your dream boyfriend:


Oh Mr. Big. What a man. The TV series and films only add to the fact that he’s my dream man. What a dish. Amazingly, I’m not a massive fan of the books, but I love the characters. 

A book that would be your worst nightmare to live in:


I genuinely don’t know how people survived on the front line. I have massive respect for them. This book was so detailed in its description that when I closed my eyes I could see it. It was really incredible. I would not be strong enough to survive. 

A book that reminds you of night time:


I’ve recently finished this book, it was a cracker. It reminds me of night time because all the action within the plot happens at night. There are a number of scenes of deep, dark brooding as well. Exciting stuff! 

A book that has a nightmarish cliff-hanger:


Ok, so this is a play, but I think it counts! The ending is incredibly bleak. It is a Shakespearean tragedy after all, but there fails to be any sort of glimmer of hope in this play. I cried when I saw it at the RSC. It is sublime.  At the end of reading, or seeing the play, you will leave feeling a bit ‘hmph’. 

A book you actually dreamed about: 

Like most people in the world! Dreams from Hogwarts to Quidditch to Voldemort nightmares. I may or may not have dreamed about being Hermoine’s best friend and sneaking into the restricted section of the library. Naughty! 

A book monster you would not want to find under your bed:


(Image from Google!)

The Three Headed Dog from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone terrifies me. I’m scared if big dogs anyway, so three big dogs. Oh my days I wouldn’t sleep. I doubt I’ll even be able to go to bed again. Also, the fact that he’s called Fluffy doesn’t seem to make the situation any better for me. Haha! 

Thanks again Shannon for the tag. I really appreciate it and enjoyed taking part! I nominate the following fabulous people:

Bianca & Ultimate Fangirl

Erika & Bookventureland

The Literary Counsellor

The Blue Bore

Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser

Feel free to ignore if you’re busy, or come back to it another time. I’ve lost track of who’s been nominated for what, so if you want to take part, feel free! 

BL xxx



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The Inside Out Book Tag


Hi everyone! 

I was tagged by the wonderful Lia @ Bookland to complete this tag. She’s so lovely and her blog is just great. Go check her out if you’ve not done so already. 

Just to note, I’ve thought hard about these book choices, as I wanted to pick some different books (not my beloved Harry Potter for example). So, here goes! 


A book that brings you joy:


I love this book so much. I remember as a child reading this and obviously wanted to go to this factory. I also wanted to be Charlie’s friend. He and his family are just so humble. This book brings me joy because it is always ok to dream. I really would like to see this in London’s West End as well. I bet it’s magical. 


A book that makes you angry:


Oh gosh this book had me in tears. I don’t really do anger, but the historical facts behind this book make me incredibly sad. This book is just brilliant at rendering emotions though. 


A book that makes you sad: 

I love this book. Cecelia Ahern is brilliant at writing feel good books. It makes me sad, but in a happy kind of way. It deals with the emotion of losing someone and how life has to continue on afterwards. 


A book that disgusts you:


I dislike this book so much. I’m not a massive fan of novels that have graphic scenes. The plot within this novel isn’t my cup of tea at all. It deals with violence and rape. It’s a bit hard going for me if I’m honest. 


A book that brings you fear: 

This book genuinely gave me nightmares. It is a well written story though! That’s probably why it gave me nightmares. I’m not a massive fan of vampires and things that could potentially kill me. I know a lot of my blog followers do like vampires, so please don’t hate me! I had to teach Dracula this year, the kids loved it! 

Thanks again to Lia for this tag. I can’t wait to see this film as well. I nominate the following people:

Rae @ bookmarkchronicles 

Emily @ The Geek Undergraduate

Pooja @ thatweirdbrowngirl

Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm Blog

Nicola @ Book Bunny

I’ve seen a lot of people doing this tag and nominating others, so if you’ve already been nominated I apologise! I’m looking forward to reading more answers 🙂

BL xx



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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Thank you to the wonderful Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser for tagging me in this award. I can’t believe it. I genuinely appreciate all tags and nominations. Thank you so much. Check out Amy’s blog because it is just brilliant and she is lovely. 

Onto the tag! 

To accept the award, you have to:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. Copy the award badge and display it in your award post.

3. Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you asked.

4. Nominate other bloggers and set them some new questions to answer. 

Amy’s Questions:

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? 

The last film I saw was the new Minions film. It was absolutely hilarious. I laughed from start to finish. I don’t care it’s for kids, I think it is harmless fun and it’s always good to laugh. I love those little yellow minions. 

 (Image from Google)  

Do you write notes in your books?
When I was in school studying for my GCSE’s and A levels I used to write all over them. But, since I went to university to this day, I can’t bring myself to write in them. I think it’s because I see them as more of a collection now. My parents have given me some lovely books and I’ve got some signed and first edition books. I couldn’t imagine writing in the now! 

Do you have a favourite comedian?

I think Peter Kay is hilarious. I can watch him over and over and I still laugh, usually before the punch line! He’s a northerner, so I’ve got used to his accent as well, especially since I’ve been living in the north on and off for 7 years. I really enjoyed his last programme Car Share too. “Me biscuits fallen in me brew!” What a guy. 

What song did you last listen to?

I always listen to the radio when I’m driving around and the last song I listened to was Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor. I actually think it’s really catchy and I quite like it. I’m not one of those ‘without music I wouldn’t survive’ people though.  

What is your favourite closing line in a book or film?

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

I love The Great Gatsby, it’s one of my favourite novels. I am a massive fan of Fitzgerald, and I love the fact that this quote is on his grave as well. He had a difficult life, like many other American writers during the Great Depression. I also loved the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio in the film version as well. 


My questions for my nominees:

  1. Would you rather read a physical book or an ebook?
  2. Name one thing you would like to learn. 
  3. How would you describe your blog?
  4. What is your biggest ambition?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure? (Foods/TV/Film/Place etc?)

My nominations: 

I’m nominating blogs that I think deserve this award and also blogs that I haven’t nominated before. I apologise if you’ve been nominated before. Feel free to ignore if you have. Also, if you’ve not done it and would like to, please feel free! Tag me back so I can read your answers! I can’t wait to see them. 

Kim @ By Hook Or By Book

Freda @ Aromatic Essence

Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard

Smiling Notes

Thanks again to the lovely Amy for the nomination. Hope you all like my answers!

Big love x


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The Beautiful Blogger Award

I’m so proud and delighted to have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you to the amazing Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland for the nomination. You’re just lovely!! I’m not sure how exciting my 7 random facts will be, but here goes nothing! 


The Rules:

  • Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  • Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.

7 random things about me! 

1. I’m a water baby. I love being in water, whether it’s paddling or swimming, diving or splashing about. Due to this, I’m a fairly strong swimmer. 

2. I’m a green thumb. I like to be outside as much as possible. Hence why I am not the biggest fan of winter. Brrrr. Also, it’s why I’m a member of the National Trust. They have some of the most beautiful places under their care and I like to go off exploring. 

3. One of my favourite countries is Cyprus. I’ve been there 7 times and I just love it. The food, the culture, the music. Just amazing. It’s also where I learnt how to scuba dive! 

4. I want to try and master pastry. My grandma makes the best pastry. Apparently, it’s because she has cold hands, an attribute we share, that I clearly got from her. 

5. I’m branching out in my reading habits. I’m currently reading How To Read Houses by Will Jones. Stratford has a huge number of old buildings which I’ve half seen on a daily basis. It’s about time I looked closer at their history. The exact same can be said for Hull. Hull is so diverse in its buildings, and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realise until my friend showed me on their visit there. How embarrassing! 

6. I’m scared of multi-storey car parks. There never seems to be enough room and the majority of people have larger cars than me. It’s not a good feeling when a humongous car comes up by you and you feel like your going to fall off the edge. 

7. I love flowers. I always have them in my house. My favourites are roses and gerberas. They are so colourful and can always make me feel better. I always give my family flowers as well. We have some pretty impressive sunflowers in the garden currently. They are so pretty. 

That’s my 7 random facts! Time for my nominations:

Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser

Jacquelyn @ Sojourning in Style

Lia @ Bookland

Liam @ Liam’s Library

 The Literary Counsellor

Shannon @ Books That Love You Back

Jesse @ Books at Dawn

I apologise if you’ve been nominated before, feel free to ignore or treat us to more random facts about yourself! I tried to nominate some different bloggers! Likewise, if you’ve not been nominated, do feel free to take part! 

Big love x


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