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Time for a Change 

Hey everyone! 

Hope you’ve having a great start to the week. I personally cannot believe how quickly time is going. I’ll be back to school before you know it.

This post is a little different today. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone of books and places, and ever so slightly tipping my toe into something new: hair. I’m not an expert and I don’t claim to be, but this is about a change in me. 

Now, since being a teen I have usually done something with my hair, whether it be change colour or grow it long to then get immediately frustrated and cut it all short. 

However, I fancied a bit more of a change.  I haven’t dyed my hair for years, and when I do, normally it is just a flat brown to bring my hair back to its natural colour. BUT, I’ve gone for something different. (Again those of you who know me well will know I’m not a huge fan of change.) I have the most trust in my hair dresser so I guess this made it easier. 

I went for a balayage. My hair has got quite long again (for me) so I thought it would like quite pretty for summer. I was shocked that this was quite a technical way to colour hair. It’s bespoke to each individual, which means that although people have the same concept, no two hairs will be coloured the same. Uniqueness! 

Here it is part way through the process (looking oh so glamorous in my plastic cape): 

And the end result:

It is a treat for me to have my hair curled because I can never do it, or spend the time on it to make it look great. 

Finally the result with my hair natural:

What do you think?  This may sound crazy but I feel much happier, more confident and like I’ve been sun kissed. It’s sooo shiny and when I’m outside you can see lots of different tones all blended in together. It’s hair art apparently. But, what do I know? 

Hope you’re feeling as happy as I am!

Big love xx


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