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Children’s Laureate 2017

Hey guys!

Something interesting hit my email inbox this week. It was the announcement of the new Children’s Laureate: Lauren Child. 

Lauren is the fourth illustrator to take this role. You may remember that the last Children’s Laureate was Chris Riddell, also an illustrator. I posted about it two years ago. Time has definitely flown by. 

Lauren Child is famous for creating the cute characters of Charlie and Lola back in the year 2000. I was too old to be reading those kinds of books. However, I do remember seeing them everywhere! I used to have stationary with the characters on because they are just unbelievably adorable. She was awarded this title at a celebration event in Hull as well. My very own doorstep. 

Congratulations Lauren! You’ll do an amazing job! Anything that gets young people passionate about reading is essential. As a teacher, it’s one of the things I’m most passionate about. Thankfully she shares and continues to promote the need for books in young people’s lives. 

 “Although there were all these terribly gloomy stories about the book disappearing, that hasn’t happened. I think it’s because, particularly for little children, holding a book is such a physical experience. I think the beauty of a world that’s contained in a few pages is quite amazing.”

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Read plenty. 

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Chris Riddell named as the UK Children’s Laureate

What brilliant news! Congratulations Mr Riddell. He is the third illustrator to win the title and follows the children’s writer Malorie Blackman. 

I really can’t wait to see what exciting prospects he will bring forward. It has been reported that he wants to focus on championing creativity and visual literacy as well as promoting libraries. 

I’m really excited for the next two years to see what he delivers. 

My favourite Chris Riddell illustration:


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