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Morning everyone! 

Around the world once again we wake up to news of another horrific terrorist attack, this time in Barcelona. 

I always struggle with events like because I just don’t understand. I don’t think I want to really. All I care about is the people involved; how in one split second, everything changes, something ends, lives never to be the same again. 

I want to share my love and thoughts of peace to those people in Barcelona. I’m only one voice, but there are millions of voices out there who share the same feelings, that will be heard. We all stand together in times of adversity, no matter where events like this happen in the world. 

Whilst Spain enter three days of national mourning, I too will mourn, not just for those killed and injured in this event, but for another piece of innocence that we have lost. 

Our lives won’t be the same again. There won’t be another day exactly like yesterday. Therefore, we continue to move forward, with love and peace in our hearts. 

Hate will not win.

Big love x



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