The Art of Buying Books part 4

Hello loves!

Am I glad it’s the weekend! I’ve got myself in a bit of a black hole. Maybe that’s too deep… but there’s definitely a fog in my head. I’ve really struggled to read, write, focus. Some of it is exhaustion but some of it is that I feel like life is just a challenge. Work is hard, too hard. We don’t live to work surely? Anyway, with good people by my side, I’m trying to find my way through the fog. The weekend always acts as a natural breaker.

As you may know, I was trying to be really good with buying books but actually, today I went on a huge book buying spree and I loved every second of it. It gave me a sense of purpose, it made me want to read again (I’ve been reading the rest of the day) and made me come back to my ever faithful blog. Here I am!

I started my little spree at my local Salvation Army. They are a cause close to my heart so I was there to drop a donation off. Books were not on my mind. However, I saw a sign on the door saying they can’t take any books as they had ran out of room. Well, this really was my time to shine! I had to step up. It was for charity after all. I had the overwhelming need to save as many as I could.

11 books for £2.75. I would have happily paid more but what an incredible bargain. There’s some great looking books here and a good mix too. I also got a stunning copy of The Girl on the Train which is going to dazzle on my shelf.

Isn’t that gorgeous? It means I can also gift the copy I’ve got on. Win-win! I also toddled along into town where it got me thinking about what other books I like. I used to collect fashion books (many moons ago) because I loved the pictures. I really wanted to be a fashion journalist at one point but I found that the books were enough for me. It was a strange thought it coming back to me. I felt foolish for forgetting about it. It dawned on me because I found this beautiful book on Coco Chanel. It’s even got silver sprayed edges.

This then got me onto another train of thought: cookery books. I love everything about food. Another idea for a career I had was a food journalist but that didn’t last long because I’m allergic to fish. It kind of narrows down the market! I did consider just cakes but that’s a hobby, not a job.

Anyway, I do like to collect baking and cookery books. Back in 2019, Penguin published the first five of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks in their classic cover colours for their 20th anniversary. At £26 each, I knew I’d have to save hard. But then they just ebbed from my mind, until today…

At £5.99 each, I couldn’t ignore them. There’s just two more to find but hopefully, one day I’ll get them. However, they’re visually stunning and I can’t wait to see them with my other cookery books in the kitchen. So much so, I’m considering getting a floating shelf to pop them on!

It’s the first time for a little while that the fog lifted. I came home and had all these beautiful books around me and I couldn’t wait to start reading. Then, I just wanted to write about it. I’m sure this isn’t the best post I’ve ever written but I hope you’ve found it to be full of truth, admiration and purpose. If you’re in a fog like me, I hope it helped.

I’ll see you very soon for my reading challenge book for January. I hope you’re all well.

Big Love xxx


30 thoughts on “The Art of Buying Books part 4

  1. You picked up some wonderful books. I am a huge believer in book-shopping therapy. (and I buy most of my books from charity/thrift shops these days. Have found some amazing books just waiting for me)


    1. That’s such a beautiful way of putting it. They were waiting for me! I love it and I’m so keen to pass them on once I’m done too. It definitely helped make me feel a little better. I hope you’re well Darlene. Thank you for being there for me.

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  2. Hi there Books and Bakes – I understand how you feel – totally relate. I think going on a book-buying spree was just the right thing to get you out of your reading fog! I love the feeling of being surrounded by newly-acquired books, and the overwhelming urge to read them. I hope you are able to find a balance between work and non-work activities. It’s so important to have time off. By the way, that is definitely an awesome cover of The Girl on the Train – very unusual. Take care of yourself and happy reading 🧡🧡🧡

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    1. Aw, Book Club Mom, where would I be without your support? I did really enjoy my little spree and then I went to the seaside the next day which helped too. Sometimes it’s very easy to become overwhelmed with everything. You’re right though, I do need to work harder on a better work/life balance. It’s very difficult to work out how to do that though. I’m super excited about all my books. I can’t wait to make a start but I’ve got to finish the one I’m on first. They’ll have to wait patiently for half term! Much love 🧡 🧡🧡


  3. Charley, I’m so glad the fog lifted with your book therapy shopping! The first 11 are a terrific bargain and wow, Coco Chanel book looks divine. Now, have your got room for these new ones? Good luck finding the remainder of the Jamie Oilver set!


    1. I’ve got no room at all! They’re all in the pile on the floor. I’m just terrible! However, they do all look wonderful. How are you dear friend? I’m feeling okay – a bit up and down but we’ll be ok. I’m happy it’s half term now! X

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