The Art of Buying Books part 3

Hello loves!

Happy Sunday. I hope you’re having a wonderfully restful weekend. I definitely am! However, the wind and the rain is disturbing my sleep for sure. I hope you’re all keeping safe, dry and warm.

I seem to have gone off the boil again with my little blog. I’m back at work so that’s the norm really but work is so tough. My flight or fight response is to read, read, read. Writing makes it real but reading means I can hide away and throw myself into someone else’s narrative. I miss the joy of my book advent calendar too. However, book shopping really does take the edge off. I also had my book subscription box delivered this week. Books everywhere!

This weekend I had a lovely day to Beverley which has some of the most gorgeous independent shops along with a Hotel Chocolat cafe. My favourite shop though is the Beverley Book Shop where I often stop by. This weekend was no different. I picked up two gorgeous looking books: Are We Having Fun Yet and We All Want Impossible Things. I also popped to the Oxfam Book Shop too where I used to go as a student to pick up the texts I needed to read. I had a good haul from there too! Have any you read any of these? I’ve no idea when I’ll get to them but I did make a big dent in my to be read pile I’ve the Christmas break.

It’s obvious that people, myself included, spend a lot of money on books. I’m really lucky – I get free copies but I am trying hard to save some pennies this year too. I’ve set up a little savings challenge for myself – 1p for each page I read. It means that I’m making an effort to save as well as spend. It’s really easy to get carried away when buying books. I know for a fact that I get taken in with a gorgeous cover, a signed copy or a sprayed edge. But, if I can save too, I’ll feel much better!

I’ve been working my way through the next Galbraith book too. It’s an incredible 1012 pages (£10.12 in the savings pot!) and has a brilliantly clever plot. I highly recommend it!

I’ll be back for reviews soon! Much love everyone!

Big Love xxx


18 thoughts on “The Art of Buying Books part 3

      1. We have great public libraries which lend books. However, that doesn’t beat the tactile feeling of ownership. Do you give your books away when you have read them? Or repurpose them somehow? Saving money is what people around the world have to do today. Good luck. oxox


      2. We have telephone box libraries so I pop them in there for other people to read and pass on. They’re amazing actually – I really love them and I’ve found some great things in there too. The books I really love or are special I keep.

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  1. Ooooh! These covers are beautiful and your pictures make me want to run to a bookstore and load up! Sadly, we are entering a minimalist stage in our lives, so most of the books I read are from the library and the ones I buy I “sneak” into the house on my Kindle 😉 But still, you’re tempting me. I haven’t read any of the books you bought, so I’m looking forward to reading your reviews! Hope your school term is off to a good start and congratulations on your money-savings plan! Happy reading 🙂


    1. I completely understand that! I’m desperately trying to get the books to actually fit on a bookcase but I’ve got a couple of piles left on the floor. I do like a good cover though, I must admit.
      Hope you’re well Book Club Mom x

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  2. What a wonderful way to spend a relaxing time. I do like the book shop with Hotel Chocolat. Wonderful combination. I also love reading and almost panic if I a running out. Use my Kindle a lot but book shops have a special atmosphere. Enjoy yourself 🤗.



    1. I agree completely. I’ve got a kindle too and I do often have a bit of a splurge on there too. This time I wanted to treat myself but I’d really like to get them all onto a shelf now. But the case is all full so two piles on the floor it is! Hope you’re doing well Miriam x


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