Unwrap It! December 5th & 6th

Good Morning!

It’s time for me to bring you book number five and six from my advent calendar. I must admit, with each morning waking up for work and it still being dark outside, this really is bringing me a little light to my life. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! It does feel like I’m unwrapping a present every day. What’s not to love about that?!

December 5th:

December 6th:

Two excellent and undiscovered books for me in the last two days which I’m really pleased about. All I need now is for school to finish so I can sit and read them all! Have any of you read either or both of these?

Finally, as promised, my tree. I think he is a real beauty.

Big love xx


4 thoughts on “Unwrap It! December 5th & 6th

    1. Good spot! Haha! I’ve heard of the writers for sure – I think Santa Montefiore is quite popular but I’ve not got round to reading any. I’m really pleased though. I wonder what today will bring.

      Thank you so much about my tree! He’s lovely actually and the perfect size. I do really love having a Christmas tree and decorating them. It means I don’t have to have the lights on too because the Christmas lights fill the room. Really lovely.
      I bet your holiday bouquet is stunning!

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