Sister Act The Musical

Morning loves!

Happy half term to all my friends in education and happy weekend to all who aren’t. I am so relieved the holiday is here. Granted it’s dark and raining outside but it doesn’t dampen my spirits for the holiday. I’ve got a number of posts planned but today I wanted to share with you my review of the amazing Sister Act The Musical touring show. I managed to get tickets to see this at the Birmingham Hippodrome for my mum’s birthday.

The Plot

For those who are familiar with the 90s classic film (I grew up watching that and feel a sense of pride at knowing every single word…) the story isn’t too dissimilar. Deloris Van Cartier finds herself in a bit of trouble as she witnesses her partner murdering someone. She’s therefore taken to protective custody and hidden in one place she shouldn’t be found – a convent. Struggling with the confines of her new life, she’s given one job to do: help the convent choir. As she helps the sisters find their voices, she realised just how fabulous she is herself.

The Cast

There are some absolutely treasures forming this cast and actually as a whole cast body, it really felt like they were a group of best friends. Sandra Marvin plays the lead role and my goodness she was fabulousness personified. I also thought that Lesley Joseph, playing Mother Superior, was incredible. She really hit each comedy note and it was just hilarious to see the on stage battles between the two. The casting of the sweet, quiet Sister Mary Robert had to be perfect – and it was! Lizzie Bea was divine. Another high note was Eddie Souther, played by Clive Rowe. Basically a massive cast with big souls and big voices. Amazing.

Staging, Singing and Dancing

Considering it’s a touring company, the staging was excellent. The lights, the moving pieces, the way there’s a bucket on stage for the leak in the roof. It’s all highly powerful. The overwhelming message of this show is fabulousness and the staging oozes that. I loved the colours. My previous admitted knowledge of the songs from the film were redundant here because all the songs are new BUT they really are catchy. I absolutely love Fabulous, Baby and Sunday Morning Fever are my particular favourites. However, for me the most uplifting and influential song is the title song, Sister Act.

“And as a sister and a friend,
I’ll be a sister ‘til the end,
and no one on this earth can
change that fact –
I’m part of one terrific sister act.”


I was so gutted to have missed this show in London but wow, it was so worth the wait. It’s touring all over the UK and Ireland and if you can, I urge you all to go and see it. You’ll leave feeling uplifted and high on life. The talent of this cast reigns supreme. I enjoyed it so much that I’m off to see it again next year in Leeds. If you need a boost, go see this. You wont regret it. For more information and to bag yourself some tickets, click here.

See you in my next post. Here’s to a week of reading, relaxing and adventures.

Big Love xx


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