The Art of Buying Books part 2


I hope you’re all well. I’ve been missing my blog and you wonderful people for a couple of weeks now. I’m so sorry – I will catch up with you all though!

I’ve been utterly useless to be fair – I’ve barely read. However, now the exam marking is done and things are a little less intense, it should mean that there’s a bit more time to read and recover. The only thing I’ve actually been successful in is buying more books and eating ridiculous amounts. I’ve extended my birthday celebrations to well over a week which I’ve loved to be fair! I’ve had numerous meals, numerous cakes and celebrations. It’s been bliss. I’m kinda frustrated at being in such a slump though. I know I’ve got amazing books that I want to read but the thought of picking one up makes me feel utterly overwhelmed. Logic tells me that it’s because I’m utterly exhausted and that it’ll come back to me. So I decided to stick with my second talent: shopping. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me to share all the books I’ve been buying. Let me know your thoughts!

Going to a bookstore is like walking into my own personal heaven. I find that as soon as I’m in there, a weight has been lifted and I always find something I literally have to buy. By the time I’ve turned the corner, I’ve got five books and then I have to buy a bag. I have no willpower at all. But these amazing books have been written and we are blessed for that so it’s like I have to own them…

First of all, the hardbacks. I love a hardback. Totally impractical for reading when you’re tired as they’re heavy BUT they are stunning. I’m super excited about these, especially The House of Fortune by Jessie Burton. I LOVE The Miniaturist so I cannot wait and it’s a beautiful cover and sprayed edges too! Also, I found the concept of The Reading List awesome so I’ve got high hopes for that as well.

Purely for the practical reasons, paperbacks really are a gift. They’re light and fit nicely inside a bag and you can carry more of them. I’ve never really been able to just buy one. (Basically, as I write this post, I’m just realising that I have absolutely no willpower at all.) Anyway, I’ve bought myself a few paperbacks too. These are more than likely going to end up coming with me on holiday (all being well) so the more the merrier! I’m also much more likely to pass these on so that’s another excuse too.

Now onto a more controversial thing: Kindles. I’ve had a Kindle for a while with books on it but it’s never my first choice but I don’t really know why. Last year I took 14KG of books away with me (my suitcase raised a few eyebrows…) but I left my Kindle at home. When I reflect on the reasons why, I always come back to the same thing: I love the feel of a book. Is that odd? I don’t want to get into a debate about Amazon but I do feel like I’d rather support bookshops too. However, I decided to buy a few books on my Kindle too because I live with a constant (irrational) fear that I’ll run out. Again, there’s a bit of a mix here because I do like to have options. 

All I can say is, I really hope I get to read these. I miss reading but my brain just won’t let me. Maybe this weekend! I appreciate there’s loads of books here but have you read any of these? Where should I begin? I’ve got so many that this overwhelms me too really!! 

I’ll be reviewing something soon I hope…

Big Love xxx

27 thoughts on “The Art of Buying Books part 2

    1. Claire, the only avenue I could find to comment is by replying to yours. I’m exploring The Only exception.

      And Booksandbakes, so much here resonates! I am, after a long English teacher career, working in an entirely different atmosphere, and having no papers to grades still makes me feel both freed and guilty—-as if I should be doing something more productive than reading! (But it’s easy to send the guilt packing…) I also had a recent birthday, and I have a gift card to a big box book store that I am looking forward to spending. Your post gives me some great ideas about what to buy (The Miniaturist has been on my To Read list for a long time…)

      So thanks! I hope your summer is great, and your reading mojo comes flooding back when you’ve had a chance to de-stress!

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      1. That’s so sweet. I really appreciate that! I think sometimes we just need to recover a little bit, clear the mind and then go again. Hopefully once I’ve had a weekend of sleeping and recovering, I’ll feel better!
        I also really enjoyed hearing your own story there – I didn’t know you were a teacher so massive respect for that. It’s a hard job!
        Thanks for all the support, both for myself and Claire’s books. I can’t recommend them enough. They’re such feel good reads with characters you immediately connect with.

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    2. Hi Claire! I’ve loved your books so far so I was always going to buy this. In all honesty, I really need to get the paperback editions so they can sit proudly on my shelf. They always mean that little bit more when you know the person! 😊 x

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  1. You crack me up with your comments about lack of willpower!🤣 I don’t have a Kindle (used to have a nook), but I do get some Kindle books to read on my phone or computer (usually the phone). Like you, I will always prefer a printed book to ebook.


    1. I’ve zero willpower, I don’t even know why I try anymore 😂 I’ve also got the app on my phone but when I’m tired it’s a bit small. However, it’s perfect for wanting to read secretly haha! I don’t know, I just look the physical presence of books in my life. BUT, I’m happy to experiment with this too. As I say, I’d hate to run out (she says surrounded by books literally everywhere…)

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      1. I haven’t read any of these, sorry, but I see many interesting titles here! Like you I combine paper with digital (even kindle books on my ipad and epubs on my Kobo ereader) but I always reach for paper copies first. I really make an effort to mix this year. Great post lovely!


      2. Aw thanks love! I’m exactly the same – it’s always a book before an ebook but I really really need to branch out a bit.
        Oh don’t worry! I always find great new reads from your blog so I am really grateful to you!

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  2. Books seem to sit on my Kindle forever and there are loads on it! I tend to buy them when they’re on sale🤣. I’ve made a point of having a Kindle TBR this year and it is helping getting those books read for sure. I am going on holiday in a few weeks and I am ONLY talking my Kindle!


    1. I’m exactly the same. When they’re 99p it’s unbelievably tempting and I can’t even begin with avoiding them to be fair. As I say, I’ve got no will power at all. Only taking your kindle on holiday is such a good idea but… I’m not that strong at all!

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  3. I use my kindle for ebooks from the library, I borrow things I’m not sure about rather than buy them. Although, to be honest, I buy an awful lot of books. I think I could live in a bookshop.
    Enjoy your holiday when it comes, happy reading!


    1. I want to live in a bookshop. My big dream is to have a bookshop of my own with a little bakery so people can eat glorious treats and read. Sounds like heaven but completely unachievable really. Haha! X


  4. Hi Books and Bakes – I love how the paperbacks are all one size. It’s hard to resist them when they look so good. As you may know I’m transitioning to mostly Kindle. I got a new Kindle after 12 years and I love my new one so much. It’s so light-weight and the built in light screen is fantastic. That makes taking a book up to bed to read for a few minutes without having to turn off a light (I’d have to get out of bed!) so easy. But I totally respect the love of the physical book. You have to do what you like!


    1. Agree completely. I’m glad you’re finding the transition good though! I only use my kindle as a last resort which is a shame because my behaviour implies that I don’t like it. I do like them, but I guess I need to work on my habits! I think it’s the pressure of having piles of books to read. X

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