Reading Round-Up: June

Morning Loves!

Today I want to share with you my round-up for June! I’ve read some amazing books in June but I do feel like my progress was slow. For my fellow educators, June is a funny month because there’s still official examinations but they’re coming to a close and you get some gained time from those students leaving but all the jobs you need to do are bigger and more time consuming. Anyway, it’s nice that some of the pressure has gone at least!

June is also the month where I mentally start making the switch to summer vibes. You may have all seen my Book Bingo book for June which was all about summer! I’m right there and counting down to the holidays.

Before I get my flip flops and sun cream out prematurely, let’s check out the shelves for June! I managed to read 8 books in June which is a bit less than normal but still quite acceptable.

These 8 books I really, really enjoyed. I say it every time but picking a top three has been difficult. I’ve reviewed The Summer I Turned Pretty which I loved and The Wild Year which was a complete joy. Hmm. Let’s see!

  1. Lost Property – Helen Paris. This book was utterly adorable. I go through phrases of reading books with city settings (I tend to go through a London or Paris phrase) so this book called to me. It tells the story of the incredible woman who works in Lost Property for London’s transport and the items that are left behind and some of the people who collect them.
  2. Careering – Daisy Buchanan. I’m a huge Daisy Buchanan fan actually. I’ve shared a couple of her books now because her writing style is just incredible. I love how true and raw it is as well. This one is all about a young woman and her demands of work on her life. Very apt for me at this point!
  3. Thrown – Sara Cox. I’ve managed to bag myself a really lovely signed edition. As well as that, I absolutely loved the story. It focuses on four women and how their lives are intertwined through a pottery class. Watch out for Sheila though! She was a bit nosey for me!

And that’s June! The thing that I’m most excited about now is JULY. July is my favourite month in the whole year because it’s the end of exam marking (I’m half way there so far), summer break and my birthday as well! SO HAPPY IT’S JULY. I can hopefully make a proper dent in my TBR pile too.

I hope you all had a wonderful reading month and I wish you lots of reading time in July. Enjoy the sunshine and I’ll see you next time!

Big Love xxx

21 thoughts on “Reading Round-Up: June

  1. I quite like July too! Everyone’s more relaxed, the work slows a little bit which isn’t bad and it’s the perfect weather usually for ice cream (which I don’t eat when it’s not warm enough). Have a great break and birthday already!


  2. I am an educator as well but teach online courses through the summer, therefore, my “Summer Reading” gets lumped together with the other seasons. However, I love to see the posts of summer reads as I feel that these are the books that we save for this special season of travel, time with family, pulling back a little. For our family vacation last week, we had an “hour of reading” where we all sat together in the living room with our favorite books and just read. We then had a short time of “book reports”. This reading time included my four grown daughters, their husbands, and my older grandkids. I will say that there was definitely some eye-rolling at the beginning, but I am hoping to make this a Summer Family tradition. Sorry for the long post–as one of my faithful supporters, I know you will appreciate it!


    1. You’re absolutely right! I really do appreciate that. I love the fact that it became part of your family time and it gave you all an opportunity to share and explore those books too. It sounds utterly delightful and you’re absolutely right, I loved hearing about it! Thank you so much for thinking of me and for sharing that with me!!


  3. Hi Charley – these all look and sound like wonderful reads. So glad your reading month was filled with winners! I hope you enjoy your relaxed schedule and I’m sure you’ll be reading and visiting fun places. Happy Birthday to you too! 🙂


    1. Hey Book Club Mom. I’m in a proper reading slump now but that’s because I’ve been marking. However, I’ve finished my quote today, had my birthday this week so feel like things are on the up! I hope you’re well x

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