Book Bingo Reading Challenge 2022! Honeymoon – James Patterson & Richard Roughan

Hey Loves!

I hope you’re all well and have had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been really restful thankfully and I am thrilled to say that the English exams are now over! I can rest a little before the examination marking begins next weekend. I’m a little bit late in reviewing this but I accidentally left my first copy of the book at my parents house so I had to order another one. Anyway, it was delivered Friday and here we are! So for my reading challenge I decided for May to pick: Read a story written by more than one author. For those of you are devoted followers of my little space on the internet will know that I love James Patterson. Recently, I’ve found more and more books where he’s co-authored with some very high profile people, namely people like: Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and Dolly Parton, just to name a few. The book I chose (which I found in my beloved telephone box book exchanges) is Honeymoon. All I’ll say to begin with is this is another Patterson classic! I hope you enjoy.

What’s it all about?
Nora Sinclair is an interior designer. She is wealthy, talented, beautiful and has an equally talented and handsome partner. So why is Agent John O’Hara from the FBI interested in her life? Typical Patterson, this is a novel where nothing really is as it seems. Shortly after she becomes engaged to Connor, he suffers some unknown fit in his Westchester mansion, leading to his death. Nora plays the part of the devastated girlfriend, visibly distressed, emotional and broken. Yet, what is happening internally is quite different.

‘It was showtime. Nora calmly walked over to the phone and dialled. She reminded herself; the cleverest liars don’t give details. After two ring a woman picked up and said, “911 Emergency.”

Connor has died before their wedding, Nora is nothing more than his girlfriend. She gets nothing from his death. Enter Craig Reynolds, a representative for Centennial One Life Insurance. It appears Connor took out a life insurance policy in her name. Despite this obvious good news, Nora is wary of an investigation or attracting any attention to Connor’s death. Centennial One is a front for the FBI and Nora is being monitored closely. The next revelation takes place in Manhattan where Nora has gone to meet a client except she is no longer Nora, she is Olivia. One person, multiple identities.

‘Nora’s profession was never really in doubt, though. It was the rest of her life that was in question. Her two lives; her secrets. But there was no proof of anything yet.’

A pattern begins to develop. Another city, another name, another man. But the pattern seems to be that the men in her life never seem to live for long. Nora, or is it Olivia, is devastatingly attractive and never seems to have a problem finding a wealthy and attractive man to spend time with. Agent John O’Hara, investigating Nora under cover is no proof against her wiles. He finds himself drawn irresistibly into her orbit.

‘Nora was an absolutely beautiful woman who’d presented me with an amazing offer. It took every ounce of willpower to remind myself why I was with her in the first place.’

Who is the real Nora Sinclair? As the plot unfolds, we find more of her secrets revealing themselves. Each revelation seems to raise more questions rather than providing any answers. The FBI are circling and getting closer and closer but Nora is a woman with a mission and a plan. Will John O’Hara uncover her secrets? Or will her deadly attraction prove fatal for him as well? Unbeknown to him, while he is trying to find the real Nora Sinclair, she is busy uncovering his own secrets which could lead to an uncomfortable confrontation.

Final Thoughts
Nothing is what it seems with this book and during the first part I was confused myself about who Nora really is. But, it does work itself out in a thrilling, pacy read. I really enjoyed reading it and I loved having such a powerful, intelligent and attractive female protagonist. This girl really means business! One of the things I love about Patterson’s novels is that you cover a lot of ground quite quickly; there are no spare words. I am loving the collaborations too and finding out new names to keep an eye open for. Overall, a timeless thriller by one of my favourite writers. Loved it!

See you next time for more reading and more exploring.

Big Love xxx

14 thoughts on “Book Bingo Reading Challenge 2022! Honeymoon – James Patterson & Richard Roughan

  1. Hi Charley – I’m glad you’ve had a restful weekend! I just started a Summer Reading Book Bingo through our library and finished a book (Presumed Innocent) by Scott Turow today. I’ve read a few James Patterson books – how great that you’re enjoying them! I haven’t read any of these collaborative books, but I hear the one wth Dolly Parton is good. Happy reading to you!


    1. Morning!
      Well, I’m just so relieved the exams are over. It means I should get time to breathe a bit.
      Oh excellent! I like the fact that it gives me variety but I think I need to change some of the categories for next year. What categories do you have at your library?
      I’ve got the Patterson/Parton collaboration but I haven’t read it yet. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you’re ok. 🧡

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Our bingo card is themed, so a lot of the squares relate to “Oceans of Possibilities” – this year’s library program. I’m able to fit Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow on because it fits “Read a book that was written 20 or more years ago.” I’m doing well – hope you are too 🙂


  2. You bought two copies of the same book? You must really be a fan of this author. I wonder if that means you enjoy some novels more than others because of the authors he wrote it with, everyone has their own style no? I really should give one of his novels a try and this sounds rater great, I do love a good mystery and a writer who gets to the point. Great review!


    1. Hi! Aw thank you! Well, I had to buy one in the end but the first one I got for free in the community telephone box book exchange. It’s just I left it behind, stupidly.
      I do really like Patterson. He’s the sort of writer where there’s no wasted words, the chapters are short but something happens in each one. They’re quite pacy which I enjoy.
      To be honest, I liked his individual books (they are what I read first) but then saw he was doing collaborations. They’re the same style so I enjoyed them. Some I like more than others but yeah, I’ve been a fan for a little bit. He wrote a very interesting one about the death of John Lennon. Really good.
      When you get chance, do let me know if you read any and enjoy them!

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