Explorations: Whitby Abbey

Evening all!

I wanted to share with you today a new explorations post! This time I toddled off to the beautiful seaside town of Whitby. I’ve never been and literally only know about it because of a) Dracula and b) Lucky Ducks made by the Whitby Glass Company. Therefore, I decided it was time for me to pay Whitby Abbey a visit and boy, it did not disappoint.

Standing tall for nearly 1500 years, this monumental ruin features everything you’d expect from a gothic abbey.

Whilst the history is fascinating, for me it was learning about the links between this abbey and Bram Stoker. In 1890, Stoker stayed in Whitby following a gruelling tour of Scotland. Whilst staying here, he absorbed the views that Whitby offered and excited writers, artists and ‘romantic-minded’ visitors for the past century.

Gothic Literature of the time was set in foreign lands with eerie castles and/or ruins and Whitby’s windswept headland with the ruined abbey meant that it gave its own sense of horror; perfect for any story.

You may have heard just this week about the Guinness World Record attempt at Whitby Abbey to celebrate 125 years of Dracula. The challenge: to get the most people dressed as a vampire at the abbey. 1369 people did just that. Impressive!

For more information on this beautiful abbey, it’s history and it’s heritage, please chick here.

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22 thoughts on “Explorations: Whitby Abbey

  1. What a wonderful writing! I bought my dad a Dracula shirt recently from a website that specializes in book shirts called Out of Print Clothing. I also checked out the novel from the library I work at the other day. I’m looking forward to reading it soon!


  2. I love Whitby Abbey. The first time I visited in 1977 there had been a sprinkling of snow during the night. I remember the snow sparkling on top of the Abbey spires. It looked gorgeous. I was intrigued by the old saltwater damaged gravestones with dates from almost 400 years ago. I didn’t even know about the connection to Dracula at the time.


  3. Everybody should visit Whitby at least once in their lives, it’s such a beautiful seaside town. We used to take our children every year, though their favourite place was Sandsend beach, just a little further up the coast. I hope you had fish & chips, it’s a Whitby must-do!


    1. Oohh, I agree completely! It was a really great experience and I’m so desperate to go back there. Luckily it’s not too far from where I work so I can always pop back one weekend.
      I’m so thrilled to hear about your wonderful family memories there.

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    1. Hey Book Club Mom! I really enjoyed reading Dracula. I’m not really into the whole vampire thing but it’s a classic and I can totally understand why. I hope when/if you get to it you enjoy it too. I always like it when you can get a visual for a place as well so I really enjoyed my little trip here. Thank you x🧡

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