Reading Round-Up: March

Hey Loves!

Let me be the first to wish you a very, happy April! Has anyone else noticed the rain/sunshine/sleet/hail/snow? March seemed to go in the blink of an eye for me, partly because I spent most of it ill or injured… but I have high hopes for April. To all my friends in education, if you’ve broken up for Easter enjoy! If like me you’ve got one week to go – don’t worry! We got this! (She says hopefully!)

It’s hard not to feel disappointed in myself for March really. I didn’t complete my reading challenge (I started four different books for it but I think it was more me, than them. Apart from one: Still Life which had no speech marks in. What is that even about? I spend my working week encouraging children to use punctuation so I really cannot spend my weekends reading books without it – sorry…) But I did manage to read 9 books which considering the circumstances, I think is ok. There were some great ones in that 9 thought so I can wait to present to you the shelves. Let’s check them out!

Like I said before, I’ve had a fair few books that I failed with last month but the ones I read were brilliant. My top three are as follows:

1. The Curfew – Tim Logan. Logan is one of my favourite writers so I got this book and devoured it in a day. It’s just as gripping, thrilling and terrifying like the other novels. I don’t think it’s my favourite but it’s definitely a must read.
2. The Last Supper – Rosemary Shrager. You may have heard of Shrager for her culinary endeavours as she is a popular chef in the UK but this is her first dabble at writing and I really loved it! I got myself a signed copy too because I had a good feeling about it. This book contains two of my favourite things: whodunnit and food. What’s not to love? I hope she has more planned!
3. The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside – Jessica Ryn. This book gave me all the warm feelings I needed when feeling rubbish. I found this in my local Salvation Army store as I was dropping some donations off so really fell on my feet. For the bargain price of 50p, this book has become one of my favourites.

As I said before, I’m hopeful for a better reading month in April which should lead to a better blogging month too. Thanks for sticking by me though!

Big love all xx

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