Reading Round-Up: February

Morning Bookish Friends!
Happy March! Have you noticed it being a bit lighter for a bit longer? Spring is approaching! On this very wet Saturday morning, I woke up thinking it was Friday and that I was meant to be at work. I’ve tossed and turned for a bit but decided to use the time more productively! Therefore, I thought I’d share with you my round up for February. I’ve got a few posts stacked up now so I need to crack on! I’ve got a couple of explorations posts to share and I’ve got my February book choice too but (which was brilliant)!

Reading wise, this month has been fairly good. I have had some moments where I just couldn’t read or focus on reading. These times sadden me the most because reading is just so important to me. Regardless, I got back on track and managed to read 10 books in February which I was quite pleased about. It is down slightly on last year, but I’m okay with that. Reading is a joy, a pleasure regardless of how many you read. (The competitive side of me is raging at myself but you know, trying to be level headed!)

Let’s check out the shelves!

There’s some great books here that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. A couple of them I’ve already posted about: The Maid and Love Letters to Bookshops Around the World, so I’ll keep those out of it. One of these books is also the book choice for my reading challenge (more on that in another post…) so if I take those out, my top three for this month are as follows:

  1. Mothers and Daughters by Erica James. I received an advanced copy of this and it came with a gorgeous bookmark you can plant and wildflowers grow. First of all, I love that! Secondly, the story is just so good. I was taken in by the characters and the whole family drama style story. Being as I’ve never read an Erica James before, this book opened my eyes to her so I’ll be looking for her others works when I’m out and about now too. (It’s due for publication on March 17th in the UK so make sure you get it!)
  2. Tired & Tested – Sophie McCartney. I know about Sophie McCartney because I follow her hilarious Facebook page (check it out here). I’m a huge fan because she’s so human and just so funny. Parent or not, everyone can relate to this book in one way or another. I also LOVE the leopard print binding on the cover. Everyone knows how much I love a print so I’m very much in love with that too.
  3. Three Sisters – Heather Morris. I’ve never read a series of books that have been filled with so much hope. The content is difficult, harrowing and heartbreaking but you always end feeling like it really will be ok and life can only ever get better. I am quite partial to historical fiction too so whenever I see a Heather Morris book, I always buy it. If you’ve read and enjoyed Tattooist and Cilka, Sisters finishes the set.

All in all it’s been another good reading month for me. I am very excited about the approach of spring and seeing what my next bookish adventures will be.

Big love to you all


19 thoughts on “Reading Round-Up: February

      1. I really hope you enjoy them! I loved the Erica James one. I really need to branch out and read more of hers but I’ve got the problem of having too many to read right now. The book shelves are full and there’s three piles on the floor…

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  1. Hi Charley – thanks for sharing your round up! I didn’t read that many books in February, and like you, I do compare myself to what I usually do. But as you say, it’s the pleasure you get from reading books, not how many 🙂 Happy spring!


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