London’s Calling!

Hello Everyone!

Oh, my am I excited to be writing this post. I’ve looked back on my blog history and I’ve not written and explorations post for two years. That’s thanks to the obvious but today I want to share with you some snaps of my recent trip to London.

This trip was definitely a once in a lifetime experience because I was booked into the Shagri-La, the Shard hotel. Mesmerising and iconic, it’s the capital’s highest building with unmatched views of London’s skyline enveloped with 5* excellence.

There are so many things about this hotel that it’s quite overwhelming with where to begin. The staff are excellent, the food sublime. What made it for me was the room which was furnished with everything you could ever ask for: marble bathroom, rain falling shower, heated toilet seat. The bed was quite literally like sleeping on a cloud. (I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve Googled extensively about trying to buy their pillows…) It’s the view though that is quite literally breathtaking. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I didn’t want to stop looking at it.

London Bridge by Day
London Bridge by Night

Oh, the Shangri-La, you have my heart.

I really will never forget that experience. If any of you are around London, take a trip to the Ting restaurant. I highly recommend the breakfast and the dinner menu. (A little shoutout here for Alex and Nathanial who waited on me for the weekend!)

Lastly, this weekend reminded me of what Covid has taken away from us. The chance to go off exploring and see new places. Having the ability to be able to do that again (at the moment anyway) meant that this trip was all the more special to me. And yes, that is a free standing bath overlooking the Tower of London.

Wherever you are in the world, just know that lockdown or not, we’re never really apart because of this platform. I hope this little post has taken you off on a trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Continue to stay safe and well, especially as it’s now wrap up season!

Big love all xxx

21 thoughts on “London’s Calling!

  1. Charley, that’s fantastic and so happy you had a chance for some time-out! The Shard looks amazing, although slightly vertigo-inducing. Haha! That bath is quite something else. Fabulous post and puts me in a mood for exploring again!


    1. I’m so relieved. It’s been tough and go with Covid at school but so far, so far. This was book for before Covid hit so it was amazing to finally go. Well, I thought I’d get a bit of vertigo but actually you just don’t notice. There’s so much to see that you don’t really realise. It’s just lovely. I hope you’re well my friend xx

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  2. Beautiful post and photos. I love London. It has been many moons since I traveled there too. During my university days, I opted for a bed and breakfast which fit the budget. Your hotel was awesome. Glad you enjoyed the trip and experience. Be well. ox


    1. Aw thank you! I love London too but I don’t know people cope with that pace every day.
      To be honest, it was extravagant but we’ve all had such tough times and it was really a bucket list place so I’m so blessed. I hope you’re well xxx

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      1. Thank you. We are blessed with good health and can’t complain. My travel abroad days are over now. We have our “second family” in Schweindorf, Germany. A village of about 300 when we lived there during my first Fulbright year. We still keep in touch though. Be well. oxox


      2. Life has a habit of moving on, with or without us. Our second family is more an “adopted” one since they cared for our children when I was traveling and attending school in Heidelberg once per week. It was a win-win situation for us. Be well. oxox


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