Reading Round-Up: August

Hello Loves!

Well, I’ve been back at school for three days and my holiday seems like a distant memory… I’m clinging onto it by recapping the glorious month of reading I’ve had. I’ve not taught any lessons yet but I already feel like I’ve been hit by a train but writing this is helping, that’s for sure. Lessons begin tomorrow so I wanted to be kind to myself this evening and share with you my round up for August. August was an awesome month for me because I was soaking up the sun in Cyprus, relaxing and reading. It was absolute bliss. As a result, I managed to read a brilliant 19 books. I’m so chuffed with this really and it has to be one of my best months for reading. I literally cannot wait to share this all with you so let’s check out the shelves!

Picking three favourites from this list is going to be really difficult because there were so many good ones! I’ve read a range as well from my usual crime and thriller to young adult to contemporary. However, after some careful consideration I’ve picked! I hope you love this list as much as I do. I also hope you can see how difficult it was too!

  1. Because of You – Dawn French. Wow. I honestly do not have enough words for how incredible this book is. I am not ashamed to say that I cried my eyes out by the end of it too. It follows the story of two mothers whose lives are linked. I absolutely do not want to spoil the plot here because I hope to review it at some point but it’s a beautiful novel. It’s also a very special book.
  2. The Woman Downstairs – Elisabeth Carter. This book was a really punchy little number and one of those that you stay up all night reading because you can’t put it down. It makes you question everything and will leave you feeling like you really have no idea who lives near or around you.
  3. These Tangled Vines – Julianne Maclean. This book is stunning. I think I had the added pleasure of reading this in a beautifully sunny climate which matched the scene of the story. Set in Italy, it tells the story of a girl who learns a huge secret and gains imaginable assets. It was so well written too that I can’t not recommend it.

I also really wanted to mention my book for my reading challenge: The Island of Sea Women because that was a difficult book to read because it was so harrowing and yet, I really enjoyed reading it. I’ll be reviewing that book for you all at the weekend after some decent sleep! It’s one that I think many of you would enjoy. The history behind it makes it challenging but it’s the resilience of the women within it that inspired me.

Well, that’s it! I doubt I’ll have another month with this many books but you never know! I really hope you enjoy it. Have any of you read any of these? What did you think?

Looking forward to catching up with you at the weekend!

Big love xxx

33 thoughts on “Reading Round-Up: August

  1. Charley, I hope the teaching in class is going well and settling back to some kind of ‘normal’ routine. Good it helped you to write this post and wow, thank you for sharing your summer reading haul! Lots for me to add to my list of books … it can never get too long!


    1. Oh gosh I taught today and you know, I’m shattered. I’m ready for a rest. However, it’s so good being back in my own classroom and seeing the children again. I’m praying for a ‘normal’ year because we all so desperately need it! Can’t wait for the weekend though, I can’t lie. I’m hoping to do some good reading then as I’ve ground to a halt since going back. Hope you’re well love xxx

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  2. 19 books ☘️ 30 days reading feast. I can not even imagine exactly. I love this thirst for reading and keeping in memory and analyse – explaining to all of us here is a lovely time and experience.
    Wish you more with your studies, stay blessed and smiles. 🌿💯🌹

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    1. Aw you’re so wonderfully kind. I was really proud of myself but I’ve struggled since I’ve come back to school. I guess I just need to work out my new routine really. Thanks for your kindness. It’s so appreciated. 🌺🌸🌺


      1. Add up some sports to your daily routine and start with walking . I suggest you keep a small digital camera and start taking pictures around you for sure your mind will be diverted and help you back to studies. I wish you healthy and cheerful days. Good luck 🌹🌻


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