Picture Perfect Polaroids #15

Hey Loves!

Time for another Picture Perfect Polaroid. I’ve not done one of these since last year so I feel like it’s well over due!

This photo was taken last Saturday at the amazing Croft Castle. I highly recommend a visit here. It’s just so stunning. There’s plenty of beautiful walks too. I really fell on my feet at their second hand book shop too, bringing away with me 13 (!!!) books to read. I’ve literally ran out of shelf space. Anyway, for more information click here.

There’s a bit more daylight in the evenings now so embrace it. It means spring is on its way!

Have the best weekend everyone!

Big love xx


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9 responses to “Picture Perfect Polaroids #15

  1. Lovely shot! Enjoy the extended evenings.


  2. Charley, lovely photo and another place to add to my To Visit List (I like lists!!). Wow, 13 books!! What a delight to treat oneself to so many books. What are they? Will you fit them all in?


    • There’s a whole range actually. I’ve read a couple already so that’s good! You know exactly how it is though, the pile is constantly never ending. I too, like lists! You can’t go wrong if you’ve got a list (unless you forget to put something on the list which I have done once or twice before…) xx

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  3. Great picture – spring is definitely on its way. I can tell by the number of birds out there!

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