Day Trippin’ – Donna Nook

Hello Lovely People!

Happy December! 🎄🎅☃️🤶 This is such a wonderful time of the year. I love to see all the decorated Christmas trees, the sparkly lights, the luscious foods and of course, the festive reads. I have indeed read one festive read this month: Sophie Kinsella’s Christmas Shopaholic which I will be reviewing this month.

Anyway, I hope you’re well and December is treating you kindly. If you’re anything like me, you’re loving the fact that we can legitimately eat chocolate every day for the sake of the season! 🍫

However, before the excitement of chocolate and all things Christmassy kicks in, I wanted to share with you a rare day off that I had this week. I’m crazily marking away in the mock period (drowning is a better choice of word) but our heating broke at school which meant that on Tuesday we all had a day off. It was incredibly strange being out and about on Tuesday but I wanted to do something that really made it count. I’ve always wanted to go and see the seals at Donna Nook but never really got there. This was my moment. It was meant to be! It was a cold, crisp yet sunny day. The view was incredible.

Donna Nook Info:

Donna Nook is a beautiful stretch of coastline between Grainthorpe Haven and Saltfleet in Lincolnshire. It covers more than 10 kilometres and every year along this coastline, grey seals come to give birth to their pups near the sand dunes. The Ministry of Defence still maintains part of the area and it is still used by RAF Donna Nook as a practice site. The sign below did make me chuckle.

As soon as I saw the seals I was just in complete awe. They were perfectly relaxed and so beautiful. I took about 100 photos – no joke. I’ve never been so close to them. I felt like Sir David Attenborough. What I found most endearing is that they snore when they’re sleeping so naturally I made about 10 videos of that too.

So for this festive Saturday morning, one of my gifts to you are these ridiculously cute photos, taken by yours truly. I hope they bring you as much squealy delight as they did me. ☺️🥰

There are just no words for how beautiful these animals are. We are so lucky to have them pick a place near us where we can see this wonderful spectacle.

My Christmas gift to myself is to blog more so stay tuned!

Big love to you all. Let’s catch up soon! Xx

14 thoughts on “Day Trippin’ – Donna Nook

  1. Awww … the seals are totally adorable, Charley … did you hear my squeal of delight- particularly as you mentioned their gentle soaring! Too cute for words! A magical outing for you and perfect timing for a heating malfunction at the school. As a fan of Sophie Kinsella I look forward to your review of her Christmas book! Good luck with all the mocks … the finishing lines of the holidays is in sight! 😀

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    1. Annika, my dear friend, thank you for your positivity about reaching the end of the mock season. It’s always tough and part of that is because there’s not a lot of daylight. Anyway, this was such an amazing experience. I feel so lucky! How are you? I’m hoping you’re well. The big C is fast approaching so I’m sure that you’re all organised and ready for the break!. Xx

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      1. Thank you, I’m very well and not much organisation on the Christmas front as I’ve been very busy with the launch of my children’s book last Tuesday! So exciting!! 😀


  2. Ahh … Charley, wasn’t it lucky for you that the heating went. You have caught the seals so perfectly and they make me smile with my morning coffee. They do indeed look very relaxed and at home. And loving.
    Being so near you should go there, and just be, more often.



    1. Miriam, you speak so much sense. Sometimes we all forget to just be for a moment and embrace that second in time. Life is very busy and manic and I for one am terrible at remembering to just stop sometimes. I hope you’re well my friend. X


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