Picture Perfect Polaroids #11

Hey Everyone!

Happy June! I know I need to post my review of May’s book of the month. However, I wanted to share a gorgeous snap I took whilst visiting London.

It’s been on my bucket list since I heard it was built. I’ve always wanted to visit The Shard and boy it didn’t disappoint. It was amazing in every sense of the word! The height, the views, the champagne bars! Lush!

My favourite view was of Tower Bridge. I hope you like too!

I’ll be back for May’s post and more adventures! For now, have a great weekend.

Big love all xx


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11 responses to “Picture Perfect Polaroids #11

  1. Stunning view, and especially so whilst in the lush surroundings of a champagne bar! 😀 A place I have yet to visit … just have to brave its lofty heights!


    • It is very high but I found it worse looking at it from ground level. When you’re on the Sky Deck you don’t really notice. Everything is too fascinating to look at. There’s apartments, hotels and offices there in the building too. I loved it! 🗼

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  2. nice pic!

    it makes me feel like…


    I just ate a peppermint patty…

    and jumped out of a helicopter for a closer view…


    but I forgot to pack my parachute….

    lol! love the pic!


  3. What a great picture – love that scene – glad you had fun, Books and Bakes 🙂

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  4. That’s a great picture.

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