Picture Perfect Polaroids #9

April 15th 2019 – The day Notre Dame burnt before our very eyes.

It isn’t a lie to say I shed tears seeing the sights from Paris last night. Yet, whilst the cathedral was being engulfed with flames I had this deep feeling of hope. The media shared images of Parisians coming together to sing Ave Maria. Everyone is united. Therefore, it’s only fitting that my post today is filled with love for the Notre Dame.

Built in 1163. 200 years later it stands complete. It survived two world wars, revolutions and plagues. The morning after the night before shows the extent of the damage. There is always hope.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you France. Your loss is our loss. Your pain is out pain. Paris, je t’aime. 💖


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11 responses to “Picture Perfect Polaroids #9

  1. I was in utter dismay for a moment when I heard the news today. Although the loss cannot be compensated, hopefully it will be ressurrected in all its glory.

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  2. We saw the images and it was so sad. But I was happy that a lot of items were saved, that is amazing ❤


  3. Well said. So many came together to save what they could – that’s the good that comes out in people.


  4. I can’t believe it burnt! Such a sad moment xx


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