Picture Perfect Polaroids #5

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all well and having an excellent weekend. Time for me to share with you another polaroid I’ve taken recently.

This picture was taken in the beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium. There was the last lingering bit of snow on the ground and ice on the water. Bruges is one of my favourite places so to visit again was wonderful. I hope you like it!

Enjoy the last of January! I hope it treats you well. Roll on February, the month of love!

Big love all xx


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20 responses to “Picture Perfect Polaroids #5

  1. Beautiful! And a lovely reminder of my visit there a few years ago … the weather was very similar to the one of your photo!


  2. Such a lovely polaroid. I have never been to Belgium but really hope to some day and visit the art museums and other amazing places. Thanks for sharing this. I would love it if you checked out my blog and let me know what you think!


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  4. What a nice place to visit! You get to experience so much history and so many beautiful places in England and Europe. Happy picture snapping!


  5. Oh wow what a gorgeous picture and lovely place to go!! I really love your polaroids 😀 ❤ xx


  6. So beautiful! I need to visit some time xx


  7. A

    Thanks for spending some time on https://thebrokenspecs.wordpress.com


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