Matilda At 30 – Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to October! The leaves are changing, it’s definitely getting colder and Autumn is fast upon us. What is perfect about this time of year is it’s the right time to get cosy on the sofa, in a chunky blanket with a book.

Before my Read The Year post for September, I wanted to share with you the news that Roald Dahl’s Matilda was published 30 years ago today. Happy birthday Matilda!!

I can’t believe it’s 30 years old – only two years older than me! It’s fascinating how it’s stood the test of time. That’s because it’s absolutely brilliant!! I have so much love for Matilda in my heart. The message that good will always conquer evil is one to remember, even when we feel most defeated. Also, the comfort and joy we can get from a good book cannot be understated. For Matilda, it’s all she has at some points in her life.

By pure coincidence, I’ve had a really Matilda orientated weekend. I went to Manchester to see the touring cast of Matilda the Musical. It was awesome! Just as amazing as when I went to see it in London. (see here for information!) I have a huge swell of pride about this as it started in my beloved Stratford upon Avon. It’s grown into this incredible production which is now being shared across England. Go and see it if you get chance, you won’t be disappointed!

To celebrate 30 years, Quentin Blake has released a number of drawings and illustrations which reimagine Matilda as an adult. Blake shows Matilda as a poet laureate, an astrophysicist, a special FX artist, a world traveller and the CEO of the British Library. I chose the latter cover to buy to mark this special occasion. Also, in my opinion, it’s the most likely career I think Matilda would have. Also, how beautiful is this cover?!

In true Quentin Blake style, the illustrations are just awesome. It’s so clever to be able to see the potential lives Matilda could have had. The opportunities are indeed endless. Regardless, it’s a beautiful book with the original story and illustrations within. What a relief this has been republished for the world to consider where the incredible little girl would be now.

So, happy birthday Matilda! I hope this novel continues to give hope to those who need it, shows that good will conquer evil and shares the love of learning. Matilda, you are a beauty.

Happy reading everyone!

Big love.


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24 responses to “Matilda At 30 – Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake

  1. This post brought me so much nostalgia. I love the book but most of my memories are of the movie. I would watch it on repeat with my friends. We still talk about it all of the time!

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  2. What an absolutely lovely post. I adore Quentin Blake’s illustrations. Arrr!
    x The Captain

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  3. Wow, I’m not sure why I’ve never read the Matilda books. Maybe because of my advanced age! But how nice that there’s a Matilda adult book too. Great post!

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    • It’s the same story, just in new covers so maybe you’ll have the opportunity to read it now? It’s lovely just to imagine what she would be doing. Very clever as well for keeping the story alive amongst many new and upcoming children’s writers. X

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  4. I love Matilda. She’s only a month older than me. This book really has stood the test of time.

    Rachael |

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  5. Happy birthday to Matilda!! What a beautiful book xx

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  6. Happy birthday Matilda… I hope you’re well Charley 😀

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  7. This was a lovely article! I actually never read Matilda and have only seen moments from the movie here and there, but I actually saw the Broadway musical the year it started. It was such a well done show and the songs were wonderful. Definitely a show with a great message and heart.


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