Beatrix Potter & The Lakes

Hi All!

Apologies for my absence but I’ve been on holiday to the beautiful Lake District. I promise to catch up on all the wonderful things you’ve been posting about, but first I wanted to post about all things Beatrix Potter related from my holiday.

I’ve wanted to go to the Lakes for a long time for many reasons but the main reason was to see Beatrix Potter’s house, Hill Top. The Lakes is a stunning part of the country, with its beautiful water and greenery. Hill Top was a piece of this incredible jigsaw.

Everyone’s grown up with Beatrix Potter’s tales: Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Benjamin Bunny, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Tom Kitten and others, and I was no different. I adored them! The stories, the pictures, each being equally magical for me as a young girl.

It started with Peter Rabbit, originally written in a letter, being published in 1902. For well over 100 years, these stories have inspired and shaped many childhoods. The humble cottage at Hill Top is no less inspiring.

Beatrix Potter was a remarkable lady with many talents. She wrote, drew illustrations, painted, sheered sheep, ran a business and played a key role in the community at Sawrey. She bought vast amounts of land to protect it from future developments, meaning the rolling green hills were and always would be protected. The views from her cottage were just incredible.

As I was walking around her cottage, I felt nothing less than inspired. To see the places that shaped her stories, the life she so happily lived, was just sublime. Her cottage has been left pretty much as she lived in it. I felt if I closed my eyes, I could see her and her life here. There are references to animals and the outdoors everywhere. I personally loved this little fella:

Its small size made it feel even more intimate and homely. You could step inside and just live there. It was welcoming and cosy; I knew straightaway why she preferred here to her London home. It was peaceful and tranquil. As soon as you walked in through the front door, you could feel what it was like to be home.

Whilst exploring here, I also had the opportunity to see some of the places that inspired the stories I came to know and love. It’s something I really enjoy doing. When you’re able to see for yourself the pages coming to life, it is a gift. I felt so genuinely grateful that it has all been preserved for us to see and continue to love.

The first iconic location was Anvil Cottage which featured The Tale of Samuel Whiskers.

Second is the world famous Postbox from Peter Rabbit.

Next is the Ginger and Pickles shop. It doesn’t look like a shop now but the building is much the same. This of course comes from The Tale of Ginger and Pickles.

Then on the trail was The Old Post Office from The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan. This too isn’t a post office anymore but again the beautiful is lovely.

The penultimate place was Tower Bank Arms which was so lovely. We popped in here for a drink and some cake which was a naughty treat. However, it was a really quaint place. This features in The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck.

Lastly, and from my favourite Beatrix Potter story, The Tale of Tom Kitten. I am talking about Tom Kitten’s gate of course. The view was spectacular. It’s a stunning place.

Hill Top is an amazing place. It’s thought provoking, inspiring and I had an amazing time. I think Beatrix Potter would be so proud of the legacy she’s achieved. For one lady to continue to inspire millions of children for generations is really quite remarkable. I’ve been so desperate to go and I’m so thrilled I have.

I hope you’re all having an excellent August. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Big love xxx

42 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter & The Lakes

  1. Just few days ago, I was reading a BrainPickings article on Beatrix Potter and I was astonished by the kind of life she lived. Apart from her children books, she also did an extensive research on the types of mushrooms (Flammulina Velutipes) that existed. Her detailed drawings of several species is just incredible.

    Now I see your post on her. So happy for you Charley 🙂 I wish someday I would visit there too. Thanks for this lovely post!

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  2. Ahh …. , how wonderful a time you must have had. Lake District is indeed such a beautiful area and the nature astonishing. I used to live in West Yorkshire so it wasn’t far to visit for weekends and breaks.

    Beatrix Potter and her village you describe so beautifully. Love this post.


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    1. Aw I love Yorkshire! It’s such a beautiful place in the world. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! I was so overwhelmed by it honestly. It’s a place where photos just don’t do it justice. I hope you’re well dearest. Thanks so much for your lovely appreciative comment! X

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  3. Wow, your pictures look so lovely, and the idyllic scenic cottage looks like the perfect weekend getaway location. I can imagine how Beatrix Potter got her inspiration from, and it must’ve been lovely to find out the locations she wrote at.

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    1. It’s amazing isn’t it? I’m not a ‘writer’ but even I felt like I wanted to give it a go! It’s just such a beautiful place. I’d love to live in a little cottage like that. So so quaint! Thanks for your lovely comment! I really appreciate it. X

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  4. Heavenly post and I now want to go and read her book all over! The house is wonderful, cosy and the views stunning. It was fascinating to read and see the places nearby which inspired her as well. A beautifully presented and informative post … your joy at being there is palpable!

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    1. Annika! How lovely to hear from you. It was such a beautiful place. I really enjoyed it. However, it feels like such a different time now. School started again and my feet haven’t touched the ground. I’m sorry if I’ve missed anything on your blog. I’ll pop over now to look. Thanks so much for popping by. Hope you had an excellent summer! Lovely to see you back. Xx

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      1. Thanks, I had a wonderful summer, very special. I can well imagine it’s tough falling back into the school life and that you’re extremely busy! A world away from the peace of the Lakes! My son has just stared Yr13 and doesn’t seem to have stopped since …with lots going on here I haven’t had a chance to post on my blog yet and will be doing so less for a while! Always a joy to read your posts!

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      2. I did miss you! But I knew you’d be busy which is absolutely fine. Just know that I did notice! Aw good luck to your son. Yr13 is always busy but you’re striving for what you want to do next so I hope he has a positive year. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I’ll keep checking back just in case you’ve posted something. I wouldn’t want to miss it!

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