Stratford Upon Avon Rocks!

Morning Beauties!

It is summer and it’s still glorious out there. I hope you’re all keeping cool as taking care of yourselves.

All my July posts seem to be about places and adventures and I make no apologies that this post is sort of similar. I want to share with you something is happening in my home town which is completely awesome! By sharing with you all, you may find that where you’re from also do this and may wish to take part, or set one up for yourselves.

The idea is pretty simple: you paint and decorate rocks, hide them, search for others and post a picture on social media to show where they’ve been. You write a little message on the back so you know which social media site to post it to. For me, it’s Stratford Upon Avon Rocks. They’ve welcomed me with open arms which is just so lovely.

I’m not artistic in any way but I’ve had so much fun taking part in this. During the last half term at work I painted and decorated 20 stones of 5 designs. I really really enjoyed it! These are my first ever attempts.

I’m quite proud of these because I think they’re actually ok! I love my little ladybirds the most. So I set off on a little mission early one morning this week, to hide all of these for anyone and everyone to find. Stratford is quite a big town so I decided to stick to a walk all along the river, across the bridge and all along the other side and back again. I was having a lovely walk, with beautiful scenery and was hiding little stones for people to find. Perfect!

Whilst I was on my travels, I found my first rock. I was so excited, I can’t explain. My first rock was really apt too! For those of you who know me, you know I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. My first rock find was real perfection seriously!

What really is amazing is when you see people find your rock and post it online! It’s like spreading joy and excitement. What could be better? I must admit, every time I’m around now I keep an eye out to see what I can find! Last night, on my way to dinner, I found another in the car park. He had to come with me!

So I’m also thinking about my next lot of rocks that I’ll decorate. We had a little hedgehog visit our garden last night so maybe I’ll start with that. Any ideas? All welcome but remember I’m no artist. Some out there are incredible! I’ve seen portraits, chocolate bars, animals, famous faces – it’s endless! Now to find my next beauty…

I hope this inspires you to take part in a community project like this or set one up. It’s ridiculous how much joy I’ve taken from this and I wish you all happiness and joy too.

(FYI: Books will be returning as my next post will be my review of the July book for the Read the Year Challenge!)

Big love all!


26 thoughts on “Stratford Upon Avon Rocks!

  1. How fun! We had something like that going on around where I live, but it has slowed considerably. There’s a little decorated rock I pass on my walks through the neighborhood. Hmmm, I wonder if I should get it started again? Happy summer!


      1. Haha me too!! There’s no way I could get any rocks that I decorated to look as good as yours did 😊 wow that’s awesome!! Oohhh I’ll have to have a look next time I go out into hull xx


  2. That’s such an amazing idea Charlie, I wonder if there’s something near here sound the same.
    As for what you could paint your rock as, why not a frog? It’ll be great near a river.
    Hope you’re well and enjoying summer xx


    1. I could try a frog! I have absolutely zero artistic flair though to be fair. Have a look! I’ll be interested to know.
      I’m good thanks, slowly but surely recovering. How are you? Hope all is well with the family and life x


    1. It’s really good! I’ve been working on some new designs – I’ve done a panda with balloons and a face of Harry Potter. I just get so excited when I see the look on the faces of the people that find it. I too find it so exciting. Aw bless. Are you a fan of Stratford then?


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