Birthday Weekend – Flamborough Adventure

Hello Sunshiners!

July is upon us and it’s Britain is beautifully basking in the heatwave so far. Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate my family and I are spending the weekend together.

Today we went to Flamborough because we fancied being by the sea. Flamborough is situated 4 miles from Bridlington. It’s a really beautiful little place; a hidden treasure. The little beach cove meant that we had found a lovely spot to spend the day.

I love being on a beach, the sand between your toes, the constant sound of the waves makes my mind completely empty. I’m completely at peace. I find it so therapeutic and calming. Today did not disappoint. In fact, I’m writing this on my way home, I’m that excited.

My birthday has been pretty awesome and I wanted to share it with you lovely people too. Have you any seaside stories? Regardless, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and taking some time for yourselves. You deserve it!!

Enjoy July everyone!

Big love xxx

27 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend – Flamborough Adventure

  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you and a wonderful way to celebrate! Flamborough looks just as beautiful as I remember from my childhood visits and the beach is stunning. Idyllic serenity and I can sense your complete joy! We sometimes take an evening picnics to Frinton, watching the sunset, the beach calm and quiet. In those hours everything seems just perfect!


    1. Thanks so much Annika.
      I know exactly what you mean. It’s like time isn’t even a factor, you just feel completely whole and calm. I love making memories like these. We need to cherish these moments forever. Aw, I really liked Flamborough. It was very quaint and charming. So so peaceful. Hope you’re well dearest. Thanks for your warm wishes xx

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  2. What a beautiful spot – so nice to spend your birthday there! Glad you had a happy birthday. Since I’m a Jersey Shore Girl, I have lots of seaside memories and would like to get back there this summer. Happy sunshine!

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