Happy 3rd Birthday!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing really well and enjoying the best that May has to offer. I’ve reached half term! What a massive relief.

Anyway, today I received a really exciting notification.

I can’t believe my little blog is three years old! I’m quite shocked at how my little space on the web has evolved over the last three years. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of and I’m proud of being a part of this amazing community.

There’s so many bloggers I’d like to thank but I hope you know how important you are to me. We’re like a family on here and the support is overwhelming. Some of you have been with me since my first day and I’ll never forget that. To my newer followers, I can’t wait to get to know you better and join in with your journey too.

To mark the three years, I thought I would share three facts about me and blogging with you all.

  1. I’ve only ever reviewed about books I’ve bought myself. I take great enjoyment from visiting bookshops, feeling the books in my hand and buying them. There’s nothing better!
  2. I never follow a blogging schedule. I blog when I can and when I feel like it. There’s been times when life gets in the way and I just don’t seem to have the ability to find the words I need, so I’ve left it. That’s completely normal.
  3. I will always aspire to do better: to see more, to read more, to do something outside of my ordinary world. That’s why I started to blog about different places I’ve visited. I really enjoyed seeing beautiful photos from all around the world from many blogs on here. There isn’t enough time to see everything so I really appreciate those posts. I hope my posts about little visits give you an opportunity to see somewhere new. Just think about the beauty we can share together.

Lastly, my heartfelt thanks. Thank you for accepting me and my little space on the internet with open arms. You’re all wonderful.

Big love xxx

44 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday!

  1. Happy bloggiversary!! That’s an amazing achievement 😀 And I loved your facts! I think it’s completely normal to not follow a schedule too 😀 And really relate to #1 and absolutely agree with #3 😀 Lovely post! Here’s to many more years! ❤ xx

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  2. Charley, congratulations on three years of blogging! Haven’t they flown by? When I see a notification of one of your posts I know I’m in for a treat … A joy to be part of your WP journey! Look forward to many more reviews etc!


    1. Aww Annika! Where would I be without you. You’re such an important part of my journey. I can’t believe it’s been three years. Thank you so much for always supporting me, for giving me the confidence and making me feel like I’m doing a good job. You’re fabulous. Your kind words mean a lot to me. X

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