Croft Castle and Parkland

Hey Everyone.

February is whizzing by and the snow drops tell me that spring is well on its way. Sometimes we all need a day of peace and tranquility to regroup and recharge. For my parents and I that was this weekend. We decided to visit Croft Castle and Parkland in Yarpole, Herefordshire.

From the outside you can see just how impressive it is. It’s quite a rarity to see a castle standing in its entirety, especially one as old as this. The castle dates back to before the Domesday Book, with the Crofts making a family home there.

Due to descendants of the Croft family, you are limited to what you can see within. However, I did really like beautiful rooms we could see. My favourite room had the most beautiful wallpaper. The gold really stood out; very grand.

One of the most fascinating items in this room was a grand clock. However, this one had eyes. I’ve never this before in my life.

For me, the parkland outside was more incredible than the castle itself. We decided to do the ancient tree walk. I was completely blown away. The suns came out (which always helps) but the trees were just amazing. The oak below is over 500 years old.

These trees create a beautiful landscape. To think they began as a small seed and now hundreds of years later they are these wondrous masterpieces. I just felt so overwhelmed.

I genuinely fell in love with the grounds here. Normally, I’m a property person. I appreciate the land but I adore the interior, the lives it represents and the time periods. Yet, I found myself more and more at peace and full of admiration for the land.

This window of family time was really quite lovely. It’s so easy sometimes for life and jobs to get in the way. It’s also really nice to have a change of pace sometimes. We live in a beautiful world. We need to treasure and nurture it for future generations.

Enjoy the rest of February, spring is nearly here!

Big love xx

23 thoughts on “Croft Castle and Parkland

  1. That is a lovely place to visit, I love the trees. I sometimes like to attend next to an old tree and wonder what it’s seen in all its years.
    I hope the peaceful time sees you though the work to come ☺️


  2. Looks like another fun day for you and your family! It’s so hard to believe that trees like those have been around longer than we have. Very humbling. Here’s to a quick end to winter. After a 70 plus degree day yesterday, I spotted a crocus in the yard. Now it’s cold and rainy. Hope I get to see it bloom more before the bunnies get it!


    1. It’s just what we needed. Aw I love spring flowers. I hope you get to see them too. I think it really does something for you; makes you feel more grounded and at peace maybe. I can’t wait for winter to be over. I hope we have a fresh spring. Hope you’re well dearest x

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