A Wishing Tree

Hi guys!

November really is flying by and the festive season is fast approaching. This weekend I visited Nunnington Hall which is a stunning Yorkshire Manor House.

Whilst I loved the house with its stunning display of miniatures, my favourite part was The Wishing Tree. Call me naive, but I didn’t really know anything about wishing trees before now. However, I’ve learnt a little more and I’m really quite taken by it.

A wishing tree is used as an object of wishes and offerings. Such trees are believed to have religious or spiritual value. There are many all around the world but this was my first experience of seeing one. The colours of the ribbons were really lovely. It stood out, attractively, in the crisp autumn day.

With the Wishing Tree at Nunnington Hall, you attach a piece of ribbon and make a wish. Now, I can’t say what I wished for, but I really enjoyed taking part in this small aspect of culture and tradition. But above all, I hope all the wishes of my lovely followers come true.

I was also able to get super close to this handsome fellow! He was right by my car door!

Big love xxx

27 thoughts on “A Wishing Tree

  1. That tree is really pretty! I’ve seen wishing trees before, but they are usually set up indoors at my kids’ schools – so it is nice to see one outdoors. And aren’t peacocks cool? Sometimes we go to a working farm in our area that’s also a county park and they have peacocks there. It’s so funny to see them suddenly spread their feathers!


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