Deers At Dusk – Charlecote Park

Hey guys!

Can you believe it’s November already? I’m wearing woolly jumpers and thick scarves. I’ve started my Christmas shopping and I’m reading an awesome wintery book too! I’m full on embracing it. 

Yesterday afternoon, I had an amazing opportunity to see and experience the fallow deer at Charlecote Park with one of their Park rangers. I wrapped myself up and dug out my wellies ready for an adventure. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll have seen various posts about Charlecote Park. It’s one of my favourite National Trust places. Deers at Dusk was an experience that I will never forget. 

My photos aren’t amazing; the deer were a few hundred yards away and I only had my beloved iPhone, but I cannot emphasise how magical this was. I felt so at peace, so excited and yet tranquil. I know it sounds ridiculous. I left feeling that that ranger had the best job in the world. Those two hours I spent walking around was bliss. Learning about the fallow deer whilst seeing them content in as close to their natural habitat was really special. 

The sun was setting which created beautiful skies which matched the scenery and glorious Victorian building. 

The park have four types of deer and unbelievably we saw them all. The rutting season has just ended so there were a few young with their mothers. The antlers are so impressive on the older  stags. They really are like a badge of honour. They are such beautiful creatures. 

Enjoy the start of November guys!

Big love xx

17 thoughts on “Deers At Dusk – Charlecote Park

  1. Yes I love seeing deer and we have so many where we live. They aren’t afraid of people and walk all over the place. It’s crazy in the winter to get up in the night and see them congregating on the island in our cul de sac, where there are berries from the trees. Our little island has a light post and sometimes when I’m up early, I can still catch them. But they are everywhere and I especially love seeing the babies with their spots. Sounds like you had a terrific evening – thanks for sharing!


    1. Book Club Mom that sounds so amazing. I wish I could see that. It sounds like a complete wonder. The young really are gorgeous. I like the does. As impressive as the antlers are on the stags, I really like how delicate and pretty the markings are on the does. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. X

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