Father’s Day – Famous Dads in Literature

Hey guys! 

Sunday, the day of rest. The weather has been amazing! It’s definitely feeling like summer. In the UK, today is Father’s Day. To celebrate all the wonderful dads out there, I’ve decided to do a post about some of the famous dads we see in literature. 
Atticus Finch – To Kill A Mockingbird – Atticus has stayed with me from the moment I first read this book. As a single parent, what he teaches Scout and Jem (and every child who has ever read the book) is life changing. To learn that everyone is important and each deserve respect is a lesson synonymous with Atticus. He’s quiet, humble and just an inspirational character. 

Arthur Weasley – The Harry Potter Series – Oh Arthur. Such a marvellous father character. He’s just so relatable. He tinkers, he helps the Weasley boys avoid their mother when being mischevious, he defends them all and he even provides support for Harry. Aww. 

Hans Hubermann – The Book Thief – Liesel’s adopted father, Hans is another inspirational father figure. He is warm and friendly in Liesal’s time of great need, accentuate by the World War Two setting. He plays his accordion for her and teaches her to read during secret late night sessions. It’s this that saves her life. 

Otto Frank – The Diary of Anne Frank – Without Otto, Anne’s diary would never have seen the light of day. Anne and her father were close, as seen in her diary. However he, like the rest of the world, learnt something from her diaries: “I must say, I was very much surprised by the deep thoughts Anne had. It was quite a different Anne I had known as my daughter…And my conclusion is, since I had been in very good terms with Anne, that most parents don’t know really their children.”

Bob Cratchit – A Christmas Carol – Bob’s character is incredibly on two levels. Firstly, he manages to work with someone like Scrooge. What can I say, we all love to hate him! Secondly, he saves Christmas for his family, mostly Tiny Tim. That’s pretty cool for a dad! He also adores his family which is incredibly heart warming. 

King Lear – Arguably not up for any best dad awards, Lear ends up driving his daughters away. His own vanity and desire to know what’s what caused him to force his daughters into proving how much they love him. When his youngest daughter (and favourite) declines to join in, he banishes her. Not cool. 

Grandfather Joe Bucket – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Ok, so technically a grandfather but it still counts. Joe is the one that accompanies Charlie to the factory on their magical adventure. It gives him the spring in his step, literally, that he needs to get out from his bed. 

Tom Oakley – Goodnight Mister Tom – Another book that utterly broke my heart. Again, set in World War Two, Tom takes in a child from the Blitz, William. Whilst their relationship at the start was slightly stilted, Tom grows to love and nurture the boy. 

I’m well aware that there are plenty others, but these are the fathers that stick in my mind from books I’ve read. Let me know if you think of any others I’ve missed! 

To all the dads out there, have a great day and remember, we are nothing without you. 

Big love xx


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8 responses to “Father’s Day – Famous Dads in Literature

  1. Bob and Jod Buckett! Cant believe I didnt think of them! (I did have Hans though)


  2. Some great choices here!


  3. Such an interesting take on Father´s Day… 😀 Thank you for sharing


  4. So many good fathers in this bunch – hard to name a favorite!


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