Mental Health – Sign the Petition 

Hey guys! 

I hope you’re well. Happy bank holiday! 

I’m posting today to ask a favour. My friend Steph has been campaigning tirelessly to make mental health compulsory in primary and secondary schools. I’m asking you my wonderful followers to sign this. The deadline was July, but it’s now been cut to May 3rd! 

There’s less than 1000 signatures to go. Please help me? Mental health is so important. As a teacher, I see kids struggle daily, not knowing how to cope with stress. Thankfully, they come to me. But, as a collective, we could do more. 

Please sign. Make a difference. 


Apologies to all my international followers. It seems you’re unable to sign. Thank you for your support regardless! 

Big love xx



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23 responses to “Mental Health – Sign the Petition 

  1. Citizen outside UK can’t sign it seems. Anyway I do support this campaign. Recently I watched a video featuring Prince Williams & Lady Gaga where they were talking about mental health.


  2. I wish I could sign this but I’m from the US and it seems that I’m not allowed to! I am however super happy to see this cause! I wish you and your friend the best of luck with it!


  3. I would sign the petition, but I live outside of the UK. (United States). Sorry about that….wish I could help!


  4. Only too happy to sign and this is an issue that concerns many parents with children at both primary and secondary school. Hopefully, this will make a difference…I have found that even schools with good pastoral care still struggle with more in-depth problems.


  5. Ill sign and reblog 😊


  6. Reblogged this on Planet Simon and commented:
    Hi Bloggies, please sign this for my friend Charley! The petition is only open to those in the UK but we really need your signatures!

    Simon 😊

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  7. Such an important issue – I tried to sign but can’t because I’m a US citizen. But I support your efforts!


  8. tumbling into wonderland

    It’s now got over 100,000! 🙂


  9. I would if I could. When I went to college I made a point to take one mental health day each semester. I just wish I had started the practice sooner.


  10. Ahhh this is so important and I’m unable to sign it but I totally would if I could!! ❤ Fingers crossed.


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