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Lush Ladybug Bubble Bar

Hi all!

Hope you’re all safe and had your feet firmly on the ground after storm Dorris hit the UK this week. All of my international friends, I hope you’re well too of course. 

Today I’m doing a slightly different post. I’m going to tell you all about an amazing bath product I used last night. From my previous post, you may or may not be aware I’m trying to be more mindful, to take time out to think and experience. Anyway, I always have time for a dip in the tub or a long shower (depending on where I am) and I’m forever jazzing up the experience with different products. Very mindful indeed! 

As usual I am filled with self doubt; who would want to ready this? Would anyone actually care? But, I don’t mind this because it might be of use to one person. If not, there’s some photos of pretty coloured water. 

I have quite sensitive skin so I have to be careful what products I use. However, I love this one. Firstly, it’s super cute. I mean, just look at it. Lovely red and purple. Lush!

The smell of this cutie is very floral but comforting. It has geranium oil and peppermint oil to make you feel all floaty and relaxed. 

So crumble bar under hot water and watch the magic happen! Such pretty colours. 

I was quite excited at this point. The bath was becoming a treat for my eyes as well as my nose. But what about the rest of me? More importantly, was my skin going to be upset after?

There she is! A bath full of bubbles. I don’t need to describe the whole experience, but what I do need to tell you is this. My skin felt wonderfully smooth and soft. I smelt like an English summer’s garden. This little bug sure made me feel cleansed and uplifted. 

There’s something to this mindfulness; taking the time to really experience things. We all bath and/or shower because we need to keep clean. (Incidentally it’s the same with food.) Yet, I really tried to focus on the five senses and experience it. Job done in my book. 

For £3.95 you’ve not a lot to lose. This little bug is a lovely addition to your bath! 

Big love xx



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Mindfulness – My Next Steps


It’s February!! Can you believe it?! What’s more shocking is it seems I’ve already broken my New Years resolution – I only posted once in January. What a let down I clearly am!! 

However, it’s time for a change. I love my job and what I do but I need to make more time for me. I keep saying it but I never seem to see this through, until now. Maybe. Hopefully. 

I was visiting my local Waterstones and spotted the book ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’. I do feel quite frazzled, tired, emotional, wondering how I am still standing. Therefore, it appealed. Ruby Wax however, is a new one for me. I was never a fan of her TV shows. Maybe I’d like her writing better?! It’s worth a shot. 

I’ve no idea if this book is going to help me or even change me. But, and I’m hanging onto this but, I feel like I need to do something. No one can carry on at such a fast pace, working 12, 13 or 14 hour days. It’s bound to catch up with even the best of us at some point. I just want to get in a clear head space, to have some ‘me’ time. No stress 2017 is my motto – even the kids are reminding me of this. I don’t feel stressed but I do feel frazzled

I’m going into this with my eyes wide open. I love reading anyway so the worst case scenario is that I’ve just read another book. Not such a bad thing really. Yet, if I can feel a little less frazzled that would also be delightful. 

So, I’m going to bed with my book to start the next chapter. Wish me luck. Oh, and if anyone had read this, please let me know what you think! 

Big love all xx


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