The Battle Of Hogwarts Anniversary

Hey guys! 

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I hope it’s been good to you. 

So, as many Potterhead’s know, today is the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts – 2nd May 1998. J.K Rowling has apologised this year for another death: Remus Lupin. 

It was the battle that cost many lives – good and bad. The likes of Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Lavender Brown, Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape, Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort and Nagini were all destroyed in this battle. Dumbledore’s army were fighting against the Death Eaters at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermoine were chasing down the final horcrux. 

Being as Rowling’s focus has been on Lupin is year, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss my top three favourite things about Lupin. (Images from Google) 

Reasons why Lupin is awesome:

He is humorous. 

He educates Harry.

Finally, he knew his cause. He knew what he was doing and why. 

These (and more) could be reasons why people love him. That and he’s a werewolf of course. But, that goes without saying. 

Also, Rowling revealed a secret on Twitter that has made me stop and say “WHAT?!”

“In the interests of total honesty I’d also like to confess that I didn’t decide to kill Lupin until I wrote Order if the Phoenix.”

Wait…there’s more…

“Arthur lived, so Lupin had to die. I’m sorry. I didn’t enjoy doing it. The only time my editor ever saw me cry was over the fate of Teddy.”

I genuinely don’t know how to process this. What would it be like without Arthur Weasley? And with Lupin? What else would he have done to protect Harry? It’s beyond incomprehensible. I cried whenever any good character died. Thinking about it makes me emotional. I felt it, like millions of others, including Rowling herself. 

But, once again, Rowling shows just how amazing she is. She continues to connect with Potter fans. She allows them to express their love and emotions for all characters. And finally, she allows the the Potter family to continue living through each and every one of us. 

Such emotion! What’s next?  

Big love x



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18 responses to “The Battle Of Hogwarts Anniversary

  1. I will never forget the moment I read that sentence for the first time with Tonks and Lupins’ bodies laying on the ground…I’m pretty sure I just closed the book and started sobbing. Of all the deaths in the series, I find his the most beautiful/tragic…he gets to join the other Mauraders, but he also leaves behind an orphaned child. GAH! </3

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  2. Remus and Tonks ❤ I was so pissed off when they died.

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  3. Lupin is my favorite Marauder and poor Teddy! I swear I cried when I pictured him laying on the floor 😦 Great post!


  4. I don’t think I’ll ever be over Lupin & Tonk’s death. I remember reading the book and being so confused because it happened so quickly and I was like wait what and I had to go back and re-read it because I didn’t want to believe it had actually happened. My heart still hurts so bad!


  5. I didn’t know this, but I’m not a Potterist really


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