New William Shakespeare Statue: Stratford upon Avon

Hey guys! 

So, it was the last day of my holiday today and I had a lovely lunch with my Momma at the RSC Rooftop Restaurant. Whilst we were there, I made her come and see the new Shakespeare statue. He is a real beauty. With the sun shining (hence the squinting expression!) in front of him, it was the perfect excuse for a photo moment! 


The position outside the theatre on Bancroft Gardens is perfect. He is welcoming all to our wonderful town.

He was created by Lawrence Holofcener who wanted to make this to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare later this month. He was given to the town to mark this historical event. There’s a number of events coming up for the anniversary, including a visit from Prince Charles. 

The statue was unveiled on February 23rd, the 90th birthday of Holofcener. What emotional and wonderful timing. Also, what a really thoughtful gift. Stratfordians love him! 

If you get chance, make a visit. He’s waiting for you all…

Big love x


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15 responses to “New William Shakespeare Statue: Stratford upon Avon

  1. Nice! I think he’s trying to tell you something important, if you’d only turn around! šŸ™‚


  2. Hi, some advice sorely needed – where would you take a 17 year-old in S-u-A if you had just a couple of hours? She loves Shakespeare. She also loves books, so where would we find the best second hand book shop? We’ll be whizzing through later in the month and would welcome your suggestions for us both! Thank you…


    • Hi lovely!
      Oh my gosh I’m so excited you’ll be going to my lovely home town! I hope they welcome you!
      For the Shakespeare loving 17 year old I would recommend a trip around the theatre. They do tours as well – it may be able to look at their website. If it’s a good day, try and get up the tower as well. It’s about Ā£2.50. Amazing views as well. There’s a really good gift shop too.
      Another for a Shakespeare fan is Holy Trinity Church. It’s got Shakespeare’s grave inside and the really fascinating grave stone. There was a TV programme filmed there recently as Shakespeare’s skull was stolen about 300 years ago!
      As for second hand book shops – there’s a few! My favourite is the Blue Cross Pet Book Shop. There’s usually some great little finds in there for reasonable prices. That’s on Henley Street (one of the main tourist streets as it has Shakespeare’s birthplace there…)
      There’s also another book shop that’s more quirky but can be a tad expensive. It’s called the Chaucer Head Book Shop on Chapel Street. Everywhere a well signposted! Website:
      There’s a couple of other second hand charity book shops – the Shakespeare Hospice and Oxfam.
      This wasn’t what you mentioned, and it’s a little out of season, but we have an amazing Christmas shop. It’s definitely well worth a look. It’s like nothing else on earth. It’s on Henley street too. Website:
      For a sweet treat, I definitely recommend Huffkins bakery. Some amazing cakes in there!!
      I really hope this is helpful! Please let me know how you get on! X

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      • Oh my word – flabbergasted, overwhelmed and overjoyed!! Thank you so, so much, this is absolutely marvellous and we will follow your advice to the letter. Will keep you posted after our trip later in the month. We add to the Xmas bauble collection every year, so that’s another must, and will end in style at Huffkins bakery. Wow, this is just fantastic, have a lovely evening and thank you again xx

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      • Ohh you’re more than welcome! I’m genuinely so excited you’re going there.
        Have an amazing time and I hope the weather is good to you! X

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  3. Everything about this post makes me happy. I love all the action and lively theatre-goers moving around in the background, I love that Shakespeare is about to be celebrated for his 400th birthday–what a huge event, and that you get to be there at his birthplace. I love that 90-year-old Holofcener-the-sculptor got to be celebrated and acknowledged on his birthday for his work. Thanks for sharing, and lucky you that you live close enough to be able to visit Stratford-upon-Avon.

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  4. If ever I go I will make sure I meet him my friend. šŸ™‚
    I’m just carching up with your post, been meaning to for a while, hope you’re well. Are you going to the bloggers bash in June?


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