World Book Day 2016


Happy World Book Day Everyone!!! 

World Book Day is a day that I absolutely love. It’s always a joy to spread the love of books, especially to young people and this is a really wonderful way of doing it. 

To celebrate this day, I designed a quiz for my school and my department are also holding competitions for the best ‘Shelfies’ (a selfie with your book case or favourite read) and Extreme Reading. This is where you’re reading in an interesting and ‘extreme place’. For example, one of my colleagues read their book on a tractor. We did have snow yesterday (as well as the three other seasons – crazy!) and three of my colleagues got wrapped up and did their extreme reading photos in the snow. I was even graced with a photo of extreme reading in a skip. All very exciting. For me, I did my extreme reading on the roof of my school. I was literally shaking; it was so high! I don’t think it helped that I had to climb a ladder to get there! 


What’s it for? Well, it’s for the love of books. It’s for the fact that we need to continue to inspire young people every day. The books for £1 or free with the tokens are a really lovely way of making reading accessible to all young people. 

There are also a number of titles available for a number of age groups. Despite being an adult, there’s a number I would love to read. I try and collect full sets as well because you never know when you’re going to need them.  

What’s on offer this year? 

 I’m loving the Roald Dahl book and I really like the sound of the David Baddiel one as well. Who cares about the suggested age? As long as we are reading, we are learning and escaping to new worlds. 

Thank you so much to the organisers of this. I have fond memories of my experiences as a child taking part in this, and I hope I’m passing this onto the next generation. 

How did you spend your World Book Day? I’d love to see your Extreme Reading and Shelfies if you’d like to get involved! I’m thinking a competition on here or something. 

Keep reading! 

Big love xx



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15 responses to “World Book Day 2016

  1. This is a really cool way to celebrate world book day- I especially liked the idea of an extreme reading challenge! I can understand why it was scary though- I’d have been terrified!!

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  2. What a great idea! Hope you made it down the ladder safely! Happy World Book Day!


  3. Happy World Book Day to you too 😀 what a great challenge !

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  4. What a great idea! At my son’s school all they did was to have the teachers read a bit out of a very childish section of a book for each lesson. They are 14 & 15! Your idea is spot on with the modern digital world and and would really have them engaged with the day. I’m showing him your post later today.

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    • Thank you!
      Gosh that sounds really quite a poor effort actually which is a real shame. That’s one way to turn children off books!
      Please let me know what he thinks. I hope he takes part for himself. He may like it!

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  5. I didn’t know it was world book day. Otherwise I would have done something. Nice one reading on the roof 🙂


  6. Extreme reading – whatever next! All for a very good cause.. 🙂


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