A Tourist In My Own Town

Hey everyone! 

You may have guessed from my previous post that it is in fact half term. This morning, as the frost cleared and the sun came out to dance along the pavements, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to play tourist again. 

Despite coming from Stratford upon Avon, it’s always changing and there’s always something new to see. Today, I decided to take a trip up the RSC tower to see the panoramic views of my beloved town. 


The tower stands at 36 metres tall, giving you the best views of Stratford. It’s approximately 7 double decker buses high! But, it’s definitely worth it. 

Firstly, my favourite view: Bancroft. The river was slightly frozen over today, but by the time I got there it was shimmering like crystal. 


Secondly, the contrasting buildings that Stratford embody, from the trademark black and white thatched buildings, to the new builds. 

Apologies for the glare, but that’s the angle of the sun for you! I love how Holy Trinity Church is peeking out towards the left hand side. 


Riverside: beautiful. It’s always a favourite habit of mine to have prosecco by the river at Carluccios. 


Finally, the obligatory selfie. Despite the sun beaming down, it was still fur coat weather. Trademark. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my photos! If you’re ever near Stratford and it’s a sunny day, take a trip up the tower. You won’t regret it! 

Big love xx



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25 responses to “A Tourist In My Own Town

  1. Nice pictures Charley, I like how you explore your home town. Nice selfie too, is that before or after your hair had been done?


  2. Sarah

    Lovely post! I spent many happy theatre trip weekends with my family in Stratford when i was growing up. There used to be a little place that you could go to do brass rubbing by the river. Is that still there?


  3. I love the idea of being a tourist in your own town! Nice photos as well 🙂


  4. great pictures! thanks for sharing them 🙂


  5. This looks really cool- I really fancy a day trip to Stratford upon Avon at some point 🙂


  6. Nice pictures – I’ve never been to Stratford upon Avon and these photos make me feel like I’m there!


  7. Nice piccies and selfie Charley.


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