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The BFF Book Tag


Hey guys! 

Hope you’re all fine and dandy and enjoying your weekend of rest! 

I was tagged by the lovely Amy @ Curiouser and Curiouser to take part in this tag. I love her blog and she’s just adorable, so I couldn’t refuse. This tag was created by Chantal @ C K Reading Corner

On with the tag! 

1. Setting The Example:- a pair/group of book bff’s that you love. 

As a Potterhead, it would have to be Harry, Ron and Hermoine. Also, I have a soft spot for Neville and Luna. Basically all of the gang! It’s too difficult to decide. 


2. Childhood Bestie:- which book character would you like to have grown up with?
I would have loved to have grown up with little Matilda. We would have talked about books all day and played outdoors. We would have taken daily trips to the library and made pancakes for breakfast. Ahhhhhh blissful dreams. 


3. Frenemy:- which book character would bring out your competitive side?
I’m not really a competitive person, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. The best character to fulfill this role for me would have to be Jo March from Little Women. She’s brave, strong, and does whatever she needs to do to help her family. I’d pick her because she’d make me feel competitive in the sense of making sure I’m doing all I am capable of. 


4. Fashion Guru:- who would be the bestie whose closet you’d want to raid, or would want to go shopping with?
Two words: Rebecca Bloomwood. I would be completely out of my depth I think! 


5. The Bad Influence:- which character would you want to commit a small act of rebellion with? (Go skinny dipping, sneak into a movie, have a drag race with etc.)
I’m naturally a good girl (HA) so this goes against my nature. However, I would pick Dorian Gray. He’s a naughty boy! I imagine we would get into a whole lot of trouble. Hopefully, not with the same disasterous ending! 


6. Blood Brothers:- which character would you want to be your surrogate big brother/sister? (You can do both if you want.)
My surrogate big brother would have to be Boo Radley. He’s always there when you need him. You may not always see him but he is, without a doubt, there. 


I would also love it if my surrogate big sister was Jane Eyre. She’s in need of a little sister to look after. Take her mind off the Rochester business anyway! 


7. Mother Hen:- which character would you want to be by your side when you’re having a bad day to cheer you up?
It would have to be The Cat in the Hat. I adore that little munchkin! He’s one of those characters that always knows the best things to say, especially when you’re not feeling so peachy. Such as:


8. The Counselor:- which character would you go to for relationship advice (or) confide a secret to?
I would confide all my troubles and secrets to Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She’s got her own issues too and I would of course return the favour! Also, any chance to experience Wonderland first hand would be totally awesome! 


9. More Than Friends:- who would be your book bf/gf? (If you like both genders you can chose one of each, but only one choice per gender.) 
Mr Darcy. Mmmmm. Especially if he was in the form of Colin Firth. Oh my. 


I nominate these lovely bloggers! 

Lauren @ Drifting Lexi

Jess @ Mud and Stars

Laura @ LaLa’s Book Reviews

& You!

Please feel free to take part/ignore if you wish. 

Big love xx



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Harper Lee – A True Inspiration

Today is a sad day for all book lovers out there. The lovely and incredibly talented Harper Lee has passed away. 


Thank you for teaching the world to think of others, to live without judgement and to get back up when the world knocks you down. 

Lee’s legacy will live on through the novels she’s left behind. Youngsters will still learn lessons from Mockingbird like I and many others did. Life will always be a little better if we remember the following quote:


Harper Lee: remarkable. 

Big love xx


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A Tourist In My Own Town

Hey everyone! 

You may have guessed from my previous post that it is in fact half term. This morning, as the frost cleared and the sun came out to dance along the pavements, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to play tourist again. 

Despite coming from Stratford upon Avon, it’s always changing and there’s always something new to see. Today, I decided to take a trip up the RSC tower to see the panoramic views of my beloved town. 


The tower stands at 36 metres tall, giving you the best views of Stratford. It’s approximately 7 double decker buses high! But, it’s definitely worth it. 

Firstly, my favourite view: Bancroft. The river was slightly frozen over today, but by the time I got there it was shimmering like crystal. 


Secondly, the contrasting buildings that Stratford embody, from the trademark black and white thatched buildings, to the new builds. 

Apologies for the glare, but that’s the angle of the sun for you! I love how Holy Trinity Church is peeking out towards the left hand side. 


Riverside: beautiful. It’s always a favourite habit of mine to have prosecco by the river at Carluccios. 


Finally, the obligatory selfie. Despite the sun beaming down, it was still fur coat weather. Trademark. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my photos! If you’re ever near Stratford and it’s a sunny day, take a trip up the tower. You won’t regret it! 

Big love xx


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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – News! 

Hey everyone! 

Hope you’re all well and are having a productive week. 

I couldn’t contain my squeal of excitement when this pinged into my inbox today. The new Harry Potter text. Naturally, I’ve preordered my copy. Without even thinking. I’m a die hard Potter fan. I must have a copy. 

However, I’m also a tad worried. I love Harry Potter. I grew up with it, like millions of others. What if this doesn’t live up to my expectations? What am I even expecting, come to that point? How would I feel if, and I say this as almost a whisper, I don’t like it? What if I love it too much and have to suffer the ‘come down’ of a lack of Harry and co in my life? 

I know the marvellous J.K Rowling is working on the play with its writer and director, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany respectfully. This is a really exciting prospect. I’ve missed her magical writing, this feeling only to be heightened by the fact that I’m re-reading the books. Ah the nostalgia. That feeling to be taken away, where good overcomes evil, where you can do anything if you put your mind to it. 

It has been stated in the press release today that it is an official sequel to the original seven books. It will be set 19 years after the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A LOT can happen in 19 years. I wonder what exactly. 

Harry is now an “overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school age children” with the particular focus on the youngest child, Albus Severus (based on a synopsis from Pottermore.) Poor Harry… 

This is all too exciting for a Potter fan like me. I don’t know why I was questioning everything before. It will be amazing. The magic will live on…

Finally, the release date is also very special: Harry’s birthday and the day after the London production opens. Harry has had many eventful birthdays in previous novels and this one fits perfectly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your order in. You’re guaranteed to be enthralled, excited and gripped. It is Harry Potter after all. I’m SO excited. 

Big love xx


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The Classics Book Tag

Hey everyone! 

Goodness it’s been a week since I posted. I apologise. It’s been a really funny time. I’ve been battling personal demons and struggling with different pressures at work. But, I’m all good and I’ve missed you all terribly! I’ve tried to keep up with everyone, but I’m sorry if I haven’t done a good job. 


Now, some of you know my background is in classic literature (mainly) so, when the lovely Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland thought of me for this tag, I just couldn’t resist! Thank you for thinking of me. 

Here goes! (All images are from Google.)

An overhyped classic you didn’t really like:

Hmmm, this may be controversial, but I really didn’t enjoy Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It gave me the most awful nightmares. Vampires aren’t my thing really.


Favourite time period to read about:

I studied the Victorian period when I was doing my Masters degree. Therefore, this has to be my favourite. I love it. I really wish I had seen it and experienced it for myself. The next best thing: How To Be A Victoria by Ruth Goodman. Such an awesome book. 


Favourite fairy tale:

I’m a huge fan of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. My favourites are: Hansel & Gretel, Snow White and Cinderella. 


What is the most embarrassing classic you haven’t read? 

Bit awkward… Moby Dick. I’ve never really felt interested about this whale story. I can’t see how I would enjoy it. I may give it a go at some point… Maybe. I feel so bad because people rave about this book. Oh well. 


Top 5 classics you’d like to read soon:

The Old Curiousity Shop – Charles Dickens 

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

Crime & Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

Dubliners – James Joyce 

The Go-Between – L.P. Hartley


Favourite modern book/series based on a classic:

I am currently loving the BBC version of An Inspector Calls. They’ve made some changes (with Priestley’s son’s help) but it’s still dramatic and intense. It still makes you question your every move. 


Favourite movie version / TV series based on a classic:

On ITV at the moment is this awesome amalgamation of a number of Dickens classics. It’s called Dickensian and it’s just amazing. I’m LOVING it so much. I can’t work it out either, but it’s so clever how so many classics have been weaved into one. 


Worst classic to movie adaptation:

Well, normally I’m not a fan, but the ones I’ve seen recently I’ve enjoyed. So, I guess I can’t answer this yet! 

Favourite edition(s) you would like to collect more classics from:

The Penguin clothbound are just stunning. I also have a massive soft spot for any Folio society books. Soooooo pretty. I’m really shallow. If a book is pretty, I’m way more likely to buy it. Without a doubt. 


An under-hyped classic you’d recommend to everyone:

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. It’s absolutely brilliant. It gives a voice to Bronte’s Bertha in the attic from Jane Eyre. Naturally, because Jane Eyre is so successful, this novel got left in the dark. But, I couldn’t recommend another book more than this. 
So that’s that. Thanks again Erika. I’m tagging the following lovelies:

Melanie Noell Bernard



The Lonely Author

The Orang-utan Librarian




Drifting Lexi


& any other classics lover out there. No time? Not your thing? Don’t worry. 
Big love to you x


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