Alan Rickman: Childhood Hero

I’m deeply saddened to hear this news today. For me, growing up with Harry Potter meant that this was what I knew Alan Rickman for. 

I couldn’t have disliked Snape more in the first few novels. But, by Deathly Hallows, I felt so guilty. I never knew Snape could be like that. I know it is down to Rowling’s writing, but it took a talented actor to play that part, to transfer the words to the screen. 

So thank you Alan, for being a huge part of my childhood and many others in this world too. 

No one could have played Professor Snape  better than you. 


Big love x



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23 responses to “Alan Rickman: Childhood Hero

  1. I was so sad this morning! 😦


  2. I’m about a hundred years older than you, so read Dumbledore with my little children but agree with you totally. My favourite ever A R film is “Truly Madly Deeply” oh my word what a sad loss – what a sad week xxx

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  3. Oh man! This broke my heart when I saw it this morning! And I knew him for so many other things than just Harry Potter: Die Hard, Sweeney Todd, Robin Hood, Love Actually, and so many others I haven’t seen! He’s done so much. It’s terrible to see him go!

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  4. This is so sad, I grew up loving Harry Potter (the books and the films) and he brought Snape to life. Such a terrible loss x


  5. Shocked to lose such a great actor – I never saw him in Harry Potter films but remember him so well from ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’. Brilliant actor. Will be so missed.


  6. I feel exactly the same way, such a huge part of my childhood, and such a sad loss 😦 I love the quote you included, it’s probably my favourite part of the entire series, and always makes me well up!


  7. I was so sad earlier today when I heard. I was actually crying. I still cannot believe the news.


  8. Such a talented man. Will be so missed. Sending so much love to his family and friends right now. So sad. 😦


  9. agenda19892010


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  10. So, so, sad! I was actually watching Love Actually last night – one of my favorite movies with him in it! My husband remembers him from the Die Hard movies, but he will forever be Professor Snape.


  11. Agreed- this was really sad news


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