Happy Tuesday

Hey everyone! 

The leaves are carpetting the ground outside, the nights are drawing in and it’s that time for a novel I’ve been waiting for since June. It is, of course, the publication date of the new Galbraith novel today. I am so excited! I let out a little scream of joy when I saw this by my doorstep after I got home from work. 

So pjs at the ready, hot chocolate on standby. I’ll see you on the other side my lovelies! 

Have you got yours yet? 

Big love everyone! X 



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11 responses to “Happy Tuesday

  1. Enjoy… Dont forget us while you’re in there πŸ˜‰


  2. Enjoy! How was the first one? I’m hesitant to pick it up just because there have been mixed reviews.


  3. You look super cosy there πŸ’• I hope you enjoy the book xx


  4. vbooksunveiled

    AHHHH MORE J.K. ROWLING AHHHH *fangirling* Alright, Charley, when you’re finished with that, we need to fangirl together. *high five* lovely choice of reading!!


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