The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

Happy Sunday everyone!! 

Hope you’re all good. This weekend has been super busy, so I’ve decided to do another quick tag. I promise to be back on book reviews soon. I’ve got a pile of them to post! 

I was tagged by the lovely Calliope The Book Goddess to complete this. Thank you so much. We all have different opinions, so it’s going to be really interesting to read everyone’s answers to these! I hope my answers don’t offend anyone. On the other hand, if we all liked the same thing life would be so boring! 

Here we go! 

A popular book or series that you didn’t like:

Never Let Me Go wasn’t for me at all. I really didn’t like it. Sorry. 


A popular book that everyone hates but you love:

Hmmm tricky. I must admit I do love Eat, Pray, Love. I’ve seen this on a lot of ‘worst books ever’ reading lists, so I wanted to share my love for it! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 


A love triangle where your ship did not sail:

Married? With a wife in the attic? Flirting with lovely, little Jane? Hmmmm. Cheeky. Great novel though. 


A popular genre that you hardly reach for:

Science fiction. It’s just not my cup of tea at all. I’ve tried and tried but I just don’t seem to enjoy it. I’ll keep trying…maybe. 

A beloved character you didn’t like:

Miss Havisham is one of those characters people love to hate. Why does she have to be so mean? I mean yeah she got jilted and spends her time in her wedding dress accompanied by her old mouldy wedding cake. Does this mean she has to be so unfriendly? 


A popular author you can’t get into:

I’ve always found it quite difficult to get into a Jane Austen novel. What infuriates me more about this is, once I get into it, I really enjoy it. I think she’s an author I need to read when I have plenty of time. That way I can really sink my teeth into it. But as it stands now, I find it really hard to get into her work. I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice all the way through. Eek. 


A popular book series that you have no interest in reading:

Twilight. I just don’t get it. Why is it so popular?  I’m not really into vampire stories anyway so this was never going to be for me. I know I will never even try to read it either. 


An adaptation you like better than the book:

Hmmm I don’t think that really happens to me. However, an adaptation that I thought was just as good as the book was Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. For me, it was magical. To be honest, Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is also pretty good. 


I nominate you!! 

Have a great week everyone. Big love x



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33 responses to “The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

  1. Interesting reading and snap on Eat Love & Pray. Really liked the book. Sorry everyone! Also although I like the Tv adaptations of Jane Austen, despite my efforts I don’t enjoy the books! Is that sad?!

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  2. Amy

    I love Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet! It’s terrible and amazing at the same time. I can’t say it’s better than a theatre production but I do love it. A lot.

    And I agree about Jane Austen. I’ve just never been able to get into her novels. I’ve read Northanger Abbey and it’s probably one of the worst books I’ve ever read. (Sorry to anyone who loves it!)

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  3. Hi ya Charley, you have awards coming out of your ears lol
    Hope youre ok and work isnt too tough โ˜บ

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  4. I LOVED every single one of your responses. What a fun book tag.

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  5. Maria

    I am totally 100% with you on Never Let Me Go. I heard such wonderful things but I honestly found it such a struggle to get through. So overrated!!


  6. YES! I also have ZERO interest in Twilight! My friend picked me up from the airport once and told me, “the condition for a ride home is you’re going to go see Twilight with me.” It was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine wading through several books of that. Nope.


  7. vbooksunveiled

    Jane Austen novels are pretty daunting, I have to agree. They are, no doubt, super big, and hard to get through! But hey, girl, if anyone can push through them, then that’s you.

    Anyways, TWILIGHT!!!!! AGGGHH! The vampire/werewolf love triangle with the human girl is so overrated. I just genuinely dislike it; I don’t know how anyone likes it. And the vampires are sparkly. So need I say more? I think not. The first one was pretty good, second was okay, third was horrible, and fourth went below my bar of ‘a new record for seriously sucking books’.

    Anyhoo, great post. Loved it! You’re always fun to read through.

    Love and books,


    • You have too much faith in me! I don’t know if I’ll ever complete another Austen. Oh twilight is just so blah. It doesn’t even make logical sense. I can’t believe you had the patience to give them a go! You’re a better lady than me!


  8. Great blog! I really struggled with Pride and Prejudice too, but once I read Emma I was hooked on Austen


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