The Inside Out Book Tag


Hi everyone! 

I was tagged by the wonderful Lia @ Bookland to complete this tag. She’s so lovely and her blog is just great. Go check her out if you’ve not done so already. 

Just to note, I’ve thought hard about these book choices, as I wanted to pick some different books (not my beloved Harry Potter for example). So, here goes! 


A book that brings you joy:


I love this book so much. I remember as a child reading this and obviously wanted to go to this factory. I also wanted to be Charlie’s friend. He and his family are just so humble. This book brings me joy because it is always ok to dream. I really would like to see this in London’s West End as well. I bet it’s magical. 


A book that makes you angry:


Oh gosh this book had me in tears. I don’t really do anger, but the historical facts behind this book make me incredibly sad. This book is just brilliant at rendering emotions though. 


A book that makes you sad: 

I love this book. Cecelia Ahern is brilliant at writing feel good books. It makes me sad, but in a happy kind of way. It deals with the emotion of losing someone and how life has to continue on afterwards. 


A book that disgusts you:


I dislike this book so much. I’m not a massive fan of novels that have graphic scenes. The plot within this novel isn’t my cup of tea at all. It deals with violence and rape. It’s a bit hard going for me if I’m honest. 


A book that brings you fear: 

This book genuinely gave me nightmares. It is a well written story though! That’s probably why it gave me nightmares. I’m not a massive fan of vampires and things that could potentially kill me. I know a lot of my blog followers do like vampires, so please don’t hate me! I had to teach Dracula this year, the kids loved it! 

Thanks again to Lia for this tag. I can’t wait to see this film as well. I nominate the following people:

Rae @ bookmarkchronicles 

Emily @ The Geek Undergraduate

Pooja @ thatweirdbrowngirl

Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm Blog

Nicola @ Book Bunny

I’ve seen a lot of people doing this tag and nominating others, so if you’ve already been nominated I apologise! I’m looking forward to reading more answers 🙂

BL xx




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4 responses to “The Inside Out Book Tag

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination 🙂 I love your post xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your answers here! I haven’t read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet but I watched it and it’s good. Is the book better? I have read only one Ahern book and I didn’t like it. But maybe I’ll give PS I Love you a try 🙂 Thanks for tagging me!


    • Ohhh it’s a childhood classic. The film mirrors the book quite well actually so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Which Ahern book was it? I like the film of P.S. I Love You. Gerard Butler is a fine specimen of a man!


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