Dunster Castle, Dunster Near Minehead

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been on my travels again and visited this astounding castle, Dunster Castle. There has been a castle on the site since the Norman times, but the castle I saw, that stands today is the Luttrell family home from the 19th century. 

The castle is really quite astonishing; the rooms are exquisite, the wooden staircase really is a work of art. One of my favourite features was the ceiling, where, in the design were pigs and deer, along with cherubs chasing animals.  


Again, the gardens were visually stunning. The Dream Garden truly shows the work from funding, with its new garden bench where I sat to enjoy the beautiful flowers of a variety of different colours. The Riverside Garden boasts of a lovers seat and a gorgeous free flowing stream that heads back to the working water mill. 


The working water mill is a work of art. The gentleman inside was telling me yellow wagtails were nesting there, and I was lucky enough to see them flying about their daily business. My dad and I bought a bag of flour that was milled a  couple of days previous in order to bake our own bread and scones. In all honesty, I’m not too sure when we will get around to doing this! 

The Library was, of course, my favourite room. The books, some belonging to the family, the original wallpaper from the 1900s, the fireplace, the very fashionable carpets and seating. I just wanted to move in there and then. It’s a good job it isn’t the Victorian times, as this room was considered a man’s room therefore, I wouldn’t have been allowed in! 


I really enjoyed spending a day here. There is something for everyone. It’s steeped in history, the gardens are lovely and the staff are in every room to tell you little anecdotes from the family.  It’s a place I would recommend to anyone for visiting this summer!

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Big love x



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9 responses to “Dunster Castle, Dunster Near Minehead

  1. Love the library photo – am reading Middlemarch right now and could think of nowhere better to be able to just sit, Penguin Classic in hand, and read to my heart’s content…. How times have changed! Enjoyed peeking into Dunster Castle thanks to your post.


    • It’s so beautiful inside that library. Aww you have more stamina than me. I’ve tried and failed to read Middlemarch so many times. You’re a better lady than I am! Aww thank you. It’s a lovely place to go! I enjoyed it πŸ™‚


  2. I love that kind of place. Could spend aagggeesss there lol


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