Maister House Hull – National Trust

I couldn’t have been more surprised when I recently learnt that there was a National Trust building in Hull. I feel a tad ashamed that I’ve lived here for so long and didn’t realise this. I’m talking about Maister House of course, located in Hull’s rather beautiful and picturesque Old Town. 


It’s a grand building, featuring very impressive and beautiful architecture. 


The history surrounding this house is quite remarkable. It goes back to the Maister family who were merchants in the 17th and 18th century. Sadly, after a fire the house was destroyed. Thankfully, it was rebuilt to the stunning building it is today. 


It seems such a shame that you can only see the hall and stairway here. However, despite the limited sites the bits you can see shows the stunning architecture and paintings (on loan from Ferens Art Gallery) within the house. 

If you’re ever in the area I recommend a visit. It’s completely free. Also, I would take a walk around Old Town itself. It really is a hidden gem.

Big love x


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